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Day 2 Recap: Pierogi and Tuna Melts (3/14/20)

I had two hard-boiled eggs I made earlier in the week for breakfast. Matt made himself a scrambled egg.

We made pierogi using this recipe for the dough and the potato-cabbage-corned beef mixture I made last night with leftovers from dinner as the filling. I’m planning to post the full recipe on Coconut & Lime next year as part of my corned beef and cabbage leftovers series I’ve been doing around St Patrick’s Day since 2008. It’s a little too close to St Patrick’s Day to post this year and I’ve already posted knishes and cottage pie. It made 32 pierogi so we parboiled and froze about half for a future meal.

Since we made a more elaborate lunch, we had tuna melts made with one can albacore tuna, lemon pepper, mayo, dill relish, celery, red onion with cheddar cheese on rye swirl bread leftover from our cloak and daggers last night for dinner. Normally we don’t eat so many sandwiches but I want to use the bread up before it gets stale. I had cucumber spears and celery sticks with dill pickle hummus to make it more of a meal and to help use up the cucumbers I bought last week before they go bad.

Non-food related activities:

We watched Harry and Tonto (we still get Netflix DVDs) which neither of us had seen before and was very cute. Matt cleaned the bathroom. We took a nap after the pierogi making. I read some of The Tenant by Katrine Engberg.

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