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Day 3 Recap: Chicken and Corned Beef, Cabbage & Potato Cakes (3/15/20)

I’ve decided to make our “big” meals at lunchtime vs dinner time since we are home. I’m much fresher during the day and I’d rather just chill and make something easy for dinner than start cooking some main dish at 6 pm. I don’t often eat breakfast so having a larger meal earlier in the day really works for me. Maybe I won’t do this every day but for days when I’m starting from scratch or it’s more involved I think I will.

Today I made bone in chicken thighs (expiration date 3/16/20) over a bed of sliced zucchini I bought 2 weeks ago (!) that was on the verge of spoiling. I love cooking thighs this way because the vegetables keep the chicken super moist and the onions flavor it a bit. The trick is to brown the skin first so it gets crispy. I used berbere seasoning but any spice mix really works. I served it with a white rice and wild rice pilaf Matt made from a box. I can never successfully make boxed foods (even Jell-0!) so I left that up to him. Here is the recipe for the chicken.

We are only two people so we had a lot leftover (as planned). Matt picked the leftover chicken off the bones and cut up the remaining zucchini. He also made rice so we can make fried rice with the leftovers and the end of the coleslaw mix (shredded cabbage and carrot) from the cloak and dagger sandwiches and corned beef/cabbage/potato mix we made for the pierogi and tonight’s potato cakes.

For dinner we took the leftover corned beef/cabbage/potato mix from yesterday’s pierogi added an egg, salt, pepper, paprika and a bit of baking powder and made potato cakes. We served them with steamed asparagus (leftover from a meal last week) and fried eggs.

Non-food related activities:

I finished reading The Tenant by Katrine Engberg. It was only okay. I read Robin Ha’s graphic memoir, Almost American Girl which was excellent. Matt practiced “Mad World”, “Satellite of Love” and “Teenage Dirtbag” the ukulele. I started listening to the Family Ghosts podcast while making the chicken. We are watching The Mandalorian after signing up for a Hulu/Disney + deal. I’m not sure if we will keep it but for $6 it seemed worth it while we are home with not much to do. Finally saw baby Yoda in action. Matt set up our “craft room” to become his home office since my computer is downstairs near the kitchen. We upgraded our internet service (we still had DSL, faster service is a fairly recent development in my neighborhood–yes, I live in a major city) last week. I’m excited because in the past when he’s worked from home I basically just sat and read because because the internet was too slow for both of us to use it at the same time and we were two feet from each other. It was fine for a day here or there but not sustainable for weeks on end. Now he can be upstairs working and I can work on the computer or stream my Rachel-only shows on the first floor.


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