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Day 5 Recap: Irish Cheddar and Chicken Fried Rice (3/17/20)

We took it easy for lunch today, I had some canned chicken and dumpling soup (I bought like 25 cans of soup a few weeks ago when they were on sale for $1.25), red pepper crackers and some triple layered Irish cheddar we bought at Costco. Happy St Patrick’s Day!

For dinner we made fried rice using the planned leftovers of chicken and zucchini I made on Sunday. It’s super simple and doesn’t really require a recipe but I posted a rough recipe here in case you need it. I would normally use more garlic but I’m trying to conserve it. I also normally add peas but we realized that while I bought a ton of food we are out of re-sealable bags and all of our bag clips are in use. All of our frozen vegetables are still in new packaging. We really need some reusable re-sealable bags but it was one of those purchases I put off because we don’t use many (which is why I didn’t realize that we were nearly out); just a few when freezing leftovers or marinating small cuts of meat. So now I need to come up with a creative solution for storing frozen leftovers. The freezer-safe glass containers we do have are already in the freezer full of meals.

Non-food related activities:

I picked some daffodils from our backyard. Normally I leave them but I thought we could use some cheering up! I caught up on some shows on Hulu while answering emails and meal planning. I finished reading My Dark Vanessa by Kate Elizabeth Russell. I liked it despite the drama around the publication and the subject matter. I read Brother & Sister by Diane Keaton–the 50th book I’ve read this year. I’m a volunteer judge for this year’s Baldwin Prize, a local scholarship for students of City College HS, so I read some essays.

In the evening we watched Zomboat! on Hulu if you are up for some British pandemic hilarity on a narrowboat. The main character is one of the women from Crazyhead; she really has found her niche after her stint on Downton Abbey.

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