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Day 6 Recap: Mi Goreng & Baked Potatoes (3/18/20)

It’s a bright sunny day today! I swear until this week I’ve never heard a child play in their yard on our street but now it is clear more kids live near me than I thought.

I kept it very simple today, I spent the most of the day working on a new project. For lunch I made us packets of Indomie Mi Goreng noodles. These Indonesian noodles are only 69¢ (I normally buy them at Shoppers) and one of my emergency lunch standbys. I normally add some frozen peas to the water while it’s boiling and before adding the noodles and top it with a fried egg but it is also a very good way to stretch out some leftovers. I made extra pork chops the other day so I sliced them up, along with the leftover zucchini from the same dish, and heated them in a pan while I cooked the noodles and peas. Then I followed the instructions for flavoring the noodles (there are quite a few packets in that tiny package!) and toss the noodles with the pork. Easy, filling and more interesting than simply reheating a pork chop but just as quick. I posted a (not terribly enticing) photo on Instagram of the final dish. It was very tasty though!

For dinner we had baked potatoes again because I bought large Russets a couple of weeks ago and I didn’t want them to go bad before we eat them. I topped them with the leftover smoked salmon, sour cream, red onion and “everything” seasoning in a sort of homage to my favorite bagel. It seems a little Marie Antoinette to be eating smoked salmon during this time but hey, it was under $10 for 12 oz and we had it. Might as well enjoy ourselves!

Tomorrow I am going to cook some boneless chicken thighs (marinating them tonight) but it was nice to have two days where I was mostly using up leftovers vs making fresh food. I think that will help stretch out our groceries. I’m glad I shopped early and bought a lot of things with far off expiration dates so we hopefully won’t have to really dip into the canned goods unless we want to. Right now I’m focusing on using up things before they go bad and trying not to go overboard with the garlic and onions. I feel like a garlic hoarder!

Non-Food Related Activities:

I continued playing Cribbage with Grandpas and I think I’m actually understanding the rules. I’m 7/6 with my made up grandpa Oscar. I watched This is Us-I’m not sure if I really like any of the characters besides William and I guess the kids but for some reason I watch it each week. Last night we watched Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist which I love so it is hard not to compare the two. I worked on a mind-numbing project that hopefully will bring some money in. I don’t know how many people are going to be hiring freelance recipe developers right now. Although I am excellent at recipes using pantry staples and tinned seafood! Hire me!

At night we watched Little Fires Everywhere on Hulu. I remember enjoying the book although not as much as her earlier one and I’m intrigued to see how they turn it into a show. I remember thinking that it was one of those books that had to take place in the nineties or a good bit of the plot (where’s Izzy?) would be undone by cell phones.

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