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Day 8 Recap: Shakshuka, Hot Dogs & Tots (3/20/20)

For lunch I made shakshuka using a “breakfast sauce” I bought at Aldi months ago. Oddly the directions have you adding a lot of ingredients—onions, garlic, peppers, parsley— to the sauce which seems to defeat the advantage of using the jar vs making it from scratch with a (cheaper) can of regular tomatoes. Anyway, I didn’t want to waste my reserves of fresh onions and garlic on a jarred sauce so I stirred in a bit of dehydrated onions, granulated garlic and some ground hot chile into the sauce. I sauteed the rest of the seemingly never-ending bag of arugula and the remaining fresh spinach I had from over a week ago then stirred in the sauce. I added the leftover chickpeas from last night, heated it through, and then poached the eggs in it. I served it over couscous because we didn’t have pita. It was tasty enough but not something I feel like I need to buy again. We ended up some couscous and sauce leftover so I stirred it together and refrigerated it to do something(?) with it another day. It was surprisingly filling!

I took it very easy with dinner and had hot dogs (with slightly squished brioche hot dog rolls from Aldi), bagged salad and tots for dinner. There is a place in Fenwick Island, Delaware just outside of Ocean City, Maryland that has great “fancy” hot dogs. The first time we went there we asked what brand of hot dogs they used and they told us they used Berks. The brand seems to be fairly regional because only PA-based Weis Markets sell them here in the Baltimore area but they are my new go-to. They have a great flavor and aren’t too greasy.

I’m kind of worn out from making two meals a day plus making a cake and cookies this week. A lot of the fresh meat I gave from here on out isn’t quite as hands-on—more roasts and less smaller cuts of meat—which will be nice. Matt won’t have to work over the weekend and is eager to take over some cooking duties as well.

Non-food related activities/thoughts:

I started working on an embroidery kit I bought at (surprise!) Aldi a few months ago. I haven’t embroidered in over ten years but why not now?

I talked to my mom who is doing well and staying home with my dad. I also talked to my neighbor from a very safe distance and she is taking all of this seriously too. I hope more people do and that more states start making people stay inside. I’m still seeing people who otherwise seem to be taking this seriously talk about how they are “socially isolating” and telling family members to stay home but then they getting take out every night or talking about how they went to three stores looking for peppers. Stay home! These are not people in essential jobs or who can’t work from home either. Many of them already had flexible, work at home jobs.

Seemingly healthy people can spread the disease and the incubation time is so long (nearly 2 weeks!) that you might still get sick from an exposure you had back before things really took a turn nationally. I really want us to make it out of this alive and knowing we did everything we possibly could do to not spread it to others or endanger other people. I feel bad enough getting prescriptions delivered and making someone deliver a custom order I had placed a month ago that couldn’t be canceled, I’m really not going to make someone do my grocery shopping or cook my dinner as long as I am an able-bodied person. Delivery workers are under a lot of pressure and are putting themselves (and you!) at risk. There’s also no reason to go to the store daily. Stock up on whatever they have and stay home until you are totally out. Minimize your exposure.

Matt took our dog Lulu for a walk after he logged off work. We have a large fenced in yard despite living in the city and little dogs so we don’t have to walk them unless we want. Pippi can’t go on walks because she is an elderly dachshund with back issues but Lulu enjoys them. Lulu has been driving me nuts today because everyone is home in the neighborhood and being noisy. The trees are still bare so she has clear sightlines and nothing is muffled so it sounds like our neighbors are right in our yard woo-ing, building a deck(?) and shrieking at each other. Normally we don’t really hear anyone! Lulu only has two modes: protective rage and extreme cuddling. No in-between. The noisy neighbors are really activating the rage side. Hopefully, the walk tired her out and she’ll chill. Apparently, her feisty behavior kept people from coming too close so yay, social distancing success. Matt walked her on the median to further avoid people as well.

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