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Day 10 Recap: Pikelets, Bacon & Khoresh Bademjan (3/22/20)

Time seems to have lost all meaning to me but it is the weekend. Matt’s busy working from home during the week so I’ve been doing most of the cooking but he’s doing all the cooking this weekend.

I requested pikelets for brunch. I’ve read about them in Australian books for years and I figured now’s my chance to finally eat them! We don’t often make breakfast/brunch/lunch at home on the weekends so I never got around to making them. I am much better at waffles than pancakes so this seemed like a good recipe to pass off to Matt. They use mostly staples but not too much of any one ingredient. I’m seeing a lot of people making bread which is fun but bread uses so much flour! Pancakes are a good way to scratch that carby itch using less flour. We also had bacon, we buy it at Costco and freeze it and had just stocked up last month.

I bought two eggplants when I last left the store and thought today was the best day to use them up. Eggplant are pretty sturdy as fresh vegetables do but they don’t last forever! They had started to look wrinkly but somehow they were fine when I sliced them up. Maybe because they weren’t bruised? I had them balancing on mustards on the top shelf of the fridge. I bought them over 10 days ago! The next expiration date was stew meat (3/30/20) so I thought maybe we could make a stew with them both. We have plenty of time to monitor a pot on the stove right now!

Lucky me, Matt made khoresh bademjan. We even had some dried Persian limes we had bought for a recipe a while back but I’m sure it would be good without them. He used this recipe and it turned out great. We don’t have a ton of leftovers but I think with some fresh rice it might be enough for lunch one day.

Non-food related activities/thoughts:

We watched Bohemian Rhapsody. It was okay but I thought it would have more backstory for the band. It was really just them arguing and preforming. I read Follow Me by Kathleen Barber. It was pretty good but not exceptional. Really the day felt long but we didn’t do much at all. Matt did practice the ukulele again.

We are trying to plan for when we might actually leave the house. It’s hard to know what’s going on or what will be. We have food for a good bit but it won’t last forever. I’m aiming for maybe the beginning of April for re-stocking. I’d really rather do it in person vs ordering online because I’d like to be able to pick food by expiration date and make decisions about what will last and I don’t want to put other people at risk. When I’ve tried ordering groceries online I always end up with food that has to be used with a couple days and that is not the goal here. I’m hoping that by the time we go out they will be further limiting the numbers of people in stores at once and maybe even screening people for fevers at the door.


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