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Day 12 Recap: Khoresh Bademjan Wrap, Mashed Potatoes & Shrimp (3/24/20)

Matt’s stomach is still out of wack so he is sticking to the basics like hard-boiled eggs, yogurt, saltines and his childhood favorite noodles and cottage cheese for the time being. I made myself a scrambled egg for breakfast but figuring out the rest of the meals was a little tricky. We actually don’t have any meat that has an expiration date before April 1st so I don’t have any pressure to cook anything and I didn’t want to open something and then potentially be forced to eat it all myself over a number of days. Hopefully he will feel better soon and at least he is working from home already! He feels fine otherwise.

For lunch I heated up leftover khoresh bademjan and had it on a leftover spinach wrap I spread with labneh I bought weeks ago for another meal I don’t have the ingredients for now. Might as well use it up! It was pretty good in a wrap–sort of a Iranian burrito type thing-and it was good to use up another wrap and not make more rice I’d have to use up.

For dinner I made myself some frozen crispy, breaded shrimp (from Aldi) and mashed potatoes made with some of the labneh and a sprinkle of Everything but the Elote seasoning because it was sitting out. The trick with the shrimp is to use the “quick bake” setting on my stove (it’s basically a convection setting–the same concept as an air fryer) and cook it for about 5 minutes less than the directions say. I added some extra horseradish to the cocktail sauce for dipping. I had some mashed potatoes left, I think I might make some potato cakes for breakfast tomorrow.

Non-food related activities and thoughts:

I’ve been doing a lot of reading. I’m a fast reader and read a lot anyway so this isn’t much of a difference. I’m trying to stick to slightly lighter, easier books lately which isn’t always my usual genre but you’d be surprised how many books with a fluffy premise (I’m looking at you In Five Years by Rebecca Seale) suddenly have a storyline that involves someone’s protracted, painful death like 2/3 of the way in. Why? Why?? I gave up on a lot of them but finished a couple because it was late at night and I didn’t want to have to weed through my Kindle for another book.

A mystery! I opened our last bag of Julius Sturgis horse and buggy shaped pretzels we bought over the winter. I had a few then closed the bag and now we can’t find it anywhere! It’s only the two of us, we haven’t left the (tiny) house and I only had them in the kitchen. Where could they be? Did someone break in and only steal our favorite pretzels?

Matt was tired so we ended up watching more Columbo. In every single episode so far someone has had a full bar in their living room. Is this what life in the 1970s was really like?


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