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Day 13 Recap: Marble Cake, Pasta with Shrimp, Artichokes and Sun-dried tomatoes & an Anniversary in Quarantine (3/25/20)

Today is our 15th wedding anniversary and while we had plans for an exciting day trip followed by dinner out, clearly we are celebrating at home! To make things more festive I made a small marble cake using pantry ingredients and some brick cream cheese leftover from making a cake for my parents’ anniversary last month. Cream cheese has extraordinary expiration dates! I bought it in mid-February and it doesn’t expire until mid-May. I posted the recipe on my recipe blog here. We had a piece of cake before dinner because why not.

For breakfast, I made the last bit of open bacon and heated up last night’s mashed potatoes in the same pan. Later we both had a can of soup (chicken noodle for Matt, chickarina for me) for lunch .

For dinner, we had pasta with frozen shrimp, a jar of marinated artichoke hearts I had knocked off a shelf and broke the seal of, sun-dried tomatoes I bought forever ago at Trader Joe’s, capers and jarred roasted red pepper. It turned out really good and was made (except for the lemon juice/onion/garlic) from frozen, boxed or jarred items. Perfect for quarantine while still feeling a little festive. I posted the recipe here. It isn’t much of a looker but it was tasty and very quick to make.

After dinner, we went to marinate some pork for tomorrow and ended up playing the “is this still good or not” game? It was a big pork roast I bought for us to eat for several meals and the label said the expiration date was 4/1/20. When we opened the package though it smelled a little strong. I feel like we have bad luck with pork roasts. We’ve had quite a few over the years that ranged from possibly dodgy smelling to “this smells like a body rotting in the sun” slimy meat despite very good expiration dates. I can’t quite figure it out. I don’t have this issue with other pork products or other meats. I don’t know what it is about pork roasts. It’s a shame because they aren’t cheap and many a meal has been ruined. We looked it up an apparently vacuum sealed/cyropak pork roasts can have a stronger smell that goes away when washed thanks to the packaging process. This was vacuum-sealed, felt and looked fine and the smell did dissipate. Fingers crossed we made the right decision! It’s supposed to be sunny tomorrow and of course we will be home so we are planning to smoke it on the grill all afternoon.

Non-food related activities:

I watched the season finale of This is Us. No huge surprises. Why Kate wants to adopt with Toby after his initial rejection of their baby and his emotional affair is beyond me.

We were going to play a game after dinner but I felt like a headache was coming on so I took my migraine medicine and we watched the very cute rom-com, Plus One on Hulu.

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