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Day 16 Recap: Bangers & Mash, Pasta Salad & Sherbet (3/28/20)

Matt picked up a big pack of Irish bangers at Costco early in the month. I froze half and had the rest today at lunch. I followed my usual recipe but added cabbage to the potatoes instead of turnips. They were really good! Normally I get them at Aldi but these were pretty flavorful.

For dinner I kept it basic and made some tuna pasta salad with about 8 oz jumbo macaroni, 2 (5 oz) cans tuna, lemon pepper, celery, red onion, mayo and the few tablespoons of olive spread/tapenade I had bought at our local Italian market. There was enough leftover to have for a light meal another day. We have some cans of tuna left but I hope we can get more when we finally shop.

I’ve been really into sherbet lately. Weis makes this “Twisted Cactus” flavor that is prickly pear, blood orange, and marula fruit. It’s so good! It’s like $2.30 for a half-gallon so it’s thrifty choice too. It’s so light and refreshing.

Non-food related activities:

Really, not much! I swear I blinked and it went from noon to 7 pm. We watched a lot of this Norwegian drama, Twins on MHz Choice (they had a deal to stream for $12 for 3 months, it’s all foreign tv shows) that is really good. Not sure why they billed it as a thriller, it’s really a domestic drama with a death. We really need some new genre names!

I read an ARC of Everything is Under Control: A Memoir with Recipes by Phyllis Grant. I liked it. It was written in an odd, choppy format for a memoir but interesting.

Basically, it was a dreary, grey day that somehow felt very long yet very short at the same time and we ate some very unphotogenic food. I did order some cloth masks from a shop in Etsy today. I don’t think they will arrive before we have to go to the store. They say they only really protect people from us, not us from randos and we know we are healthy because we will have been home with zero outside contact for nearly three weeks at that point. It’s hard to know what to do.

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