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Day 17 Recap: Pot Roast & Leftovers (3/29/20)

We had leftover tuna pasta salad for lunch. We found the pretzels! They fell between two bins on our floating island and some bags of pasta had fallen on them. I thought I had lost my mind when they disappeared.

I spent most of the afternoon smelling the pot roast I had simmering on the stove. I posted the recipe here, it’s pretty much just a guideline but I thought it might be useful, I’ve noticed that big roasts seem to be the last thing to go at supermarkets. It’s a shame because while they are time consuming, they are not difficult to make. With so many of us trapped at home, it’s a perfect time to cook a big chunk of meat that needs pretty much no supervision. Plus you end up with lots of delicious leftovers for sandwiches, sauce, soup! Now is pot roast’s time to shine.

I signed up to get produce delivery from Washington Green Grocer again. We’ve had them off an on for years but I don’t normally bother in the winter when it’s just things I can get at the regular grocery store, normally for less. We get the all local box and this week it looks great–some things I normally wouldn’t want in the box like potatoes and carrots but mostly some exciting golden globe turnips, mizuna and dandelion greens. They aren’t allowing substitutions at this time but I added a couple items–unsweetened coconut and pearl barley–that I haven’t found locally for a while. And garlic and shallots. I don’t like that they switched it from opt in to opt out for the boxes when the new owners took over. Opting in was a big reason why I chose WGG over other services–one less thing to remember if I didn’t want a box. But the produce is always good and this will be better than braving the stores myself.

Non-food related activities:

We finished watching Twin on Mhz Choice. It was so good! I highly recommend it.

We left the house! We didn’t go anywhere but we each drove around the block to make sure the battery in our cars didn’t die since we drove them last. It was nice to see the neighborhood. Everything is in bloom! It’s been really rainy so everything was wet but the white cherry trees in the median were all in bloom.


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