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Day 19 Recap: Repurposing Leftovers in Borscht & Nachos (3/31/20)

This morning I made borscht using the leftover pot roast and cooking liquid for our lunch. It was so good! A wonderful use of the leftovers. I even have enough for us to have it again tomorrow for lunch.

We started up our Washington Green Grocer deliveries again since it’s spring and there is actually fresh produce in season locally; we normally skip the winter months since nothing really grows here then. It was great opening that box and seeing all that fresh food! I hope it keeps going, it will cut down on having to go to the store and provide more produce variety than we’ve had.

I’m finalizing our lists for the grocery store tomorrow. It’s kind of nerve-wracking to think of interacting with all those people because we are healthy and virus-free due to extreme self-quarantine but I haven’t shopped for food since 3/12/20 and we are getting down to the ends of our fresh food (well, until the produce delivery showed up this afternoon). We are going to each go to one store then self-quarantine again for a few weeks. Fingers crossed I can get everything we want/need. I’m going to go in the morning then Matt is going to fill in at another store.

For dinner I made a small batch of sheet pan nachos made with leftover ingredients from last night’s quesadilla. Matt had leftover pork on leftover rice from yesterday and some leftover sweet potatoes.

Non-food related thoughts/activities:

Matt was chatting with one of the owners of the studio where he does tai chi that we were going to the store tomorrow and he was worried because we don’t have masks (well, one construction mask). She mentioned she is making fabric masks for hospitals and said she’d put a pair out on her porch for us if we wanted them! Matt drove over and non-contact picked them up. How nice was that? I can’t imagine it’s a bad idea to wear a mask. Matt said there were a lot of people still on the streets wondering around maskless and ducking into convenience stores. Go home!

How did I miss that Queen Sugar season 4 is on Hulu? It didn’t pop up on my “continue watching” screen. Maybe it just became available? I saw a thumbnail of it in a Hulu ad so I thought I’d check and there it was! How did Nova not think her family was going to react like that? Seriously?

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