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Day 21 Recap: Roasted Chicken and Dill-Fava Bean Rice (4/2/20)

Today for lunch we just had canned soup, I think we were both recovering from yesterday’s venture. For dinner I made a roasted chicken sprinkled with harissa seasoning. Matt made some basmati rice mixed with frozen fava beans, chopped Swiss chard sautéed in garlic from our produce box and plenty of fresh dill from our shop yesterday. It really really good! The rice was inspired by the baghali polo we like to order at our favorite Persian restaurant. It made a ton of rice and of course we have some chicken leftover so that will put us in a good spot for some easy meals in the future!

We froze the bones in a bag to make soup later.

Non-food related activities:

The Switch we ordered a long way back finally arrived! I’ve been playing Animal Crossing since 2001 so I’m really excited about that. I’m really disappointed you can only have one island per Switch. I hope they change that. We both wanted to play but it’s sort of pointless for the second player. We downloaded Stardew Valley after realizing that. Who wants to buy a whole new Switch and copy of Animal Crossing for two people to be able to play? Maybe they will do an update and change it?

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