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Day 23 Recap: Sausage and Hominy & Kalua Pork (4/4/20)

Sausage and hominy is a real old school Baltimore breakfast. Manning’s Hominy was first canned here in 1904 and Mrs. Manning used to sell it door to door before it was mass-produced in 1917. It’s made in VA now, but they use the same process, it’s white corn steamed open, not processed with lye like most commercial hominy. It’s remained a staple for a lot of families with Baltimore roots. I don’t hear much about it anymore but growing up it wasn’t unusual to have it for breakfast with sausage. My grandfather was born in 1914 and had my mother when he was in his mid-40s and she grew up with him and very close to her grandparents (born in the 1880s here in Baltimore) who lived to be quite old so I grew up with quite a close connection to Baltimore’s distant past. I’ve come across a few references to hominey being served with sausage for breakfast in local cookbooks and old newspaper articles and I can only assume it was becuase Manning’s was right here. 1917 was pretty early in the convenience food game so it would make sense it was popular For some reason my grandpop always served it with frozen ready to serve sausages (he was a single father so maybe that’s why) so when the urge hits, I do the same. I get the “lite” sausage and a box of 10 is about a dollar. Between that and the canned hominey you have a breakfast made for quarantine. It’s surprisingly tasty and filling.

I had a small snack in the afternoon of Julius Sturgis sourdough pretzels, apple slices, and cheddar.

Meanwhile, Matt made kalua pork on the grill. He rubbed it in Hawaiian salt and freshly ground black pepper then using the snake method, smoked it on the Weber grill for about 4 hours then wrapped it in (frozen, defrosted) banana leaves and baked it at 325 for another 3 hours in the oven. It was so tender! We served it on white rice and with a side salad. Normally we make it in the instant pot (recipe here) and it’s quite good but this was so much better and I’d think more like the real thing which is cooked in a pit. I wrote up what we did here.

A lot of meat on white food today!

Non-food related activities:

We watched a poorly done documentary about interesting people: Advanced Style. It was about older woman in NYC who were really into fashion. The women were interesting but there was no narrative and the man who I guess brought them together (that I could piece together) was a sort of creepy photography blogger, Ari Seth Cohen, who seemed like a weird hanger on type. The women were all fun characters (but oddly most were very insecure despite being very into design and standing out) but the documentary was so amateurish, it didn’t do them justice. His parts of a documentary were very odd and while it looked like he had put together a book of the women, it was never explicitly mentioned and there was no mention of how the women met or why they were on TV together with this man. Did he become their de facto manager? Was he trying to get famous by latching himself onto the elderly? Maybe the director left a lot out because of his strange vibes about the women but then she should have decided to leave him out all together or clarify his role. The opening where he was just accosting elderly women on the street and saying they were beautiful and that he was a photographer was so cringey it was almost like a parody of a predatory man lurking about the Port Authority trying to lure women fresh off the bus from the Midwest into the life of being a “model”. Cohen wasn’t a relative to any of them and wore circa 1992 Big Dog and colored block button down shirts. No idea what his story was beyond his fixation on well-dressed older women. So bizarre.

We also watched Top Hat which had pretty much no real plot but the dancing was great.

I played so much Animal Crossing. I hate to cheat but I did time travel 2 days so I could get Nook’s Cranny and have the museum open and then switched right back to the right time. I couldn’t take another day or two of not being able to donate bugs or buy a slingshot. It’s a pandemic.

Matt’s been on call this week but not too much stuff in the middle of the night. At least it isn’t disrupting our plans.

My mom called asking if Matt could help her with the garden when we are free to move about again. I’m not sure if that’s going to be possible this year. I’m going to talk to her and suggest maybe trying something in containers or not bothering with the mulch and seeing what happens. She loves her garden and with her brain cancer, I’d like her to have one this year but it’s hard to do with all this going on.


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