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Day 24 Recap: Kalua Pork + Dandelion Mi Goreng & Gamja Jorim + Grilled Chicken (4/5/20)

For lunch I dressed up a Indomie Mi Goreng packet with some sauteed leftover kalua pork and chopped dandelion greens. The greens were fairly wilted but they cooked up fine. I heated up the leftover kofta and fava bean rice for Matt while he worked.

For dinner Matt made gamja jorim and grilled some boneless, skinless thighs he marinated in a bulgogi- inspired mixture similar to this.

Non-food related activities:

More Animal Crossing, of course. I gave up on a couple books and started If We Were Villains by M. L. Rio. It’s okay. I’m not sure what the point is of including whole pages from the various Shakespeare plays the characters are in. It’s very tedious and doesn’t add any depth to the book. The random quotes they use in their conversations with each other make more sense but I don’t need to know every single line of dialogue while they are on stage.

The weather was quite nice today! Our elderly dachshund really enjoyed puttering around the yard. Not quite warm enough for the hammock but soon, I hope.

We watched Parasite, finally! I liked it best out of his other movies. I couldn’t quite figure out why Chung-Sook wanted to call the police on Mun-Kwang so quickly. Why not just ask her to take her husband and leave so no one got in trouble? Things really escalated from there (understatement) and while I get that Mun-Kwang didn’t have a house to go to after losing their money with the bakery and wanted to give Chung-Sook money to care for the husband (which I understand not wanting to do) I don’t know if calling the police made sense. Chung-Sook was also in a jam so you’d think she’d be sympathetic or at least not jump to the police. Maybe it’s my Baltimore City not imagining calling the police for anything beyond activity witnessing a violent crime but it seemed like she was really ratcheting up a situation where no one was in a good position. Was it just because she was drunk and wanted the Park’s to think she was protecting them and to look like a hero? Mun-Kwang didn’t know about her’s family’s plan yet but Chung-Sook also had a lot to lose. It had to happen for the plot but it didn’t ring as true to me as the rest of the movie did.

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