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Kale Soup & Fish Stick Sandwiches (day 28 recap, 4/9/20)

I ended up with a bunch of kale from my produce delivery so I made this kale, lemon, dill, and leek soup which used up a lot of veggies I was worried about going bad. The dill and leeks were already a week old and I knew they wouldn’t last. I used the celery greens and the green part of the leeks in the soup too–they really do add flavor and cut down on waste.

I had mentioned on twitter than I had bought fish sticks at Aldi for possibly the first time ever as an adult which sparked some chatter and Emily Nunn mentioned she liked them on a sandwich with tartar sauce. Sounded great to me! I’m a little annoyed that the Old Bay Filet O’Fish came back to McDonald’s and I didn’t get a chance to get one before we quarantined ourselves. This sounded like the next best thing. So, 4 fish sticks, sprinkle of Old Bay, some tartar sauce on white bread with some Utz chips and onion dip. The perfect quarantine dinner.

I had a marinated boneless turkey breast that had a sell by date of tomorrow so I roasted that even though we weren’t going to eat it. I didn’t think it would freeze well and this way it will be good for a few more days.

Non-food related activities:

Watched some Luther and Little Fires Everywhere on Hulu. Watched Blow the Man Down on Prime. I’m having some trouble getting into my book, it’s another dramatic college student novel, The Truants by Kate Weinberg. Why is there such a resurgence of them lately? They all get compared to The Secret History but none of them are as good. It’s sort of the literary equivalent of all of the remakes that are so popular in TV and movies the last few years.

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