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Breakfast Sandwiches, Soup, Quesadillas & Hot Chocolate (Day 29 Recap, 4/10/20)

I think I ate more today than I have any other day of this self-quaratine. Matt had the day off work so while we couldn’t go anywhere, he also didn’t have to spend most of his day on the computer. He made breakfast sandwiches for us using some eggs Canadian bacon I bought at Aldi last week on regular bread because we are down to one English muffin.

Then for lunch we had the leftover kale soup with some of the turkey breast I cooked yesterday added to stretch it out. For dinner he made quesadillas with leftover tortillas, canned refried beans, leftover “Mexican blend” cheese, sliced zucchini and some pork chops (expiration date 4/12) sliced up. I swear I have eaten more quesadillas in the last month than I have in years. They are a good way to use up odds and ends and packaged, commercial tortillas seem to last forever which I why I stocked up on the beans and tortillas but I might be overdoing it.

Then he made me some of the Amara Hot Chocolate “Gran Criollo” Dark Chocolate he bought me last year. It’s so good and rich.

Anyway, I am very full and have zero interest in thinking about what to eat tomorrow or Sunday which Matt keeps wanting to discuss.

Non-food related activities:

Our cherry tree is blooming. It is my favorite thing about our yard and possibly our house. It was insanely windy today and whole blossom clusters that just opened were being torn from the tree. Normally it does the pretty petal rain thing in a week or so but the tree is looking a little battered right now. I hope the remaining blooms hold tight!

We watched Tea with the Dames which was cute. You don’t see women sitting around talking about their acting careers very much and it was interesting. The women were all rather funny and really seemed like legit friends.

We finished Liverpool 1, a late ’90s British police drama on Acorn. It was good. The cases were never that exciting but the acting was great and the interpersonal stuff was well done. Apparently it was cancelled after the second season despite it having 6.7 million viewers, which seems strange.

Somehow we have not played a single game this whole quarantine. Apparently my parents have been playing the Uno I bought them nearly every day and we are much more game people than they are. I think we just don’t have the mental energy to play at the end of the day.

I read Redhead at the Side of the Road by Anne Tyler. It was okay, it felt more like a short story and I felt like they didn’t explore the more interesting person and storyline in the book–the woman who’s grandmother left her the house full of stuff. I did like the location choice, some of it took place near where were live.

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