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Ham, Potato-Cauliflower Gratin & Cookies (day 31 recap, Easter, 4/12/20)

Today is the first Easter I haven’t had some Rheb’s Easter candy or an Easter basket. My mom said its the first time she hasn’t made a basket since 1980! We have only left the house once in over a month and we were really focusing on essentials then. We did make cookies last night so that was nice to have.

For lunch I had a turkey salad (turkey, lemon pepper, mayo, celery, red onion) sandwich on rye and Matt ate the leftover empanada filling on rice.

I had bought a tiny spiral sliced ham back on March 12th that had an expiration date of 5/11 so we made that for dinner along with a mashed cauliflower-potato gratin (made with cauliflower I bought on that same shopping trip!) for something a little festive. We normally celebrate Passover too but I don’t have a whole chicken to make matzoh ball soup and we couldn’t find matzoh.

For dessert we had a couple of cookies and a handful of Cadbury mini eggs.

Non-cooking related activities:

I realized while browsing for available now books from the library for my Kindle, I never actually read any of the Gossip Girl books the show was based on so I read the first one. It had a really odd tone.

Matt did some tai chi along with a video his instructor sent out via email.

So much dish washing and laundry. I don’t miss the actual takeout food we normally would get but I do miss not having to cook for every single meal and snack.

Watched more Babylon Berlin. Of course they killed off the nicest character!

I’m trying to avoid placing online orders but our smoke detector/carbon monoxide detector suddenly went up so that seemed like a valid reason. I also ordered some more of these reusable Ziploc type bags. We are making and freezing and refrigerating so much food we really need them.

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