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Sambal Oelek Chicken Lettuce Wraps & Sandwiches (day 33 recap, 4/14/20)

For lunch we had ham sandwiches with the ham leftover from Sunday. I was hoping to stretch it out for another lunch but I’m not sure there is enough left. It was a really small ham and one of us used a ton of ham on their sandwich today. Tomorrow I’m hoping to make soup with the contents of some of our produce delivery today so I don’t really want to have canned soup for tomorrow’s lunch and I’m not sure if today’s dinner will yield much in the way of leftovers. Blah.

Our produce delivery had the biggest bunch of dandelion greens I have ever seen. The last batch we had was about 1/4 of this. It also contained three kinds of lettuce which is understandable because it is spring and we get the “local only” box but I really don’t have much in the way of salad ingredients right now. Time to get creative! I added some mushrooms to my order and they look amazing!

I ended up making some sambal oelek chicken lettuce wraps with the lettuce. I tossed in some radish greens and spring onion too. It was really good and flavorful! I posted the recipe.

Non-food related activities/thoughts:

I applied a Ultra Violet Brightening Purple Clay Mask by Generation Clay then of course, Lulu had to get to barking in the yard and I had to go out to get her. Why does she time that to exactly the moment when I look like a purple-faced alien? In her defense, our neighborhood was crazy loud today. Construction noise, people yelling at each other, people gardening, kids shrieking. It isn’t very nice weather so I’m not sure why everyone was out and about.

We got a delivery of carbon monoxide detectors, muffin liners and more of these reusable freezer bags. I bought a set last month and we have used them a ton! They are surprisingly easy to wash. I hate ordering these sorts of things online in general but we are trying to stick to just going to the store as little as possible, we’ve only shopped once in 33 days, and I’d rather avoid going to non-grocery stores if we can.

I had a good talk with a friend about a new project she’s thinking about so that was fun! There is another world out there!

The days can be pretty slow around here, not many people are hiring recipe developers so even applying to jobs isn’t taking up much time much less doing the actual work. I wish there had been more interested in my tinned seafood book we were pitching last year; traffic to my sardine and tuna recipes is really up the last month over on Coconut & Lime.

We watched the new Little Women and it was very good! We’ve seen them all and Matt said he liked this one best. I thought it had the most sympathetic Amy and the least maudlin Beth death of them all.

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