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Smoked Sardine w/Dandelion Greens Spaghetti & Nachos (day 36 recap)

For lunch I whipped up a quick sardine, dandelion greens, olive and tomato pasta. The greens from my produce box were looking a little wilted and I knew they didn’t fit into my dinner or Saturday plans so why not use them up? The recipe (I posted it here) is a great way to pair up pantry ingredients (spices, olives, spaghetti, sardines) and a few fresh ingredients (garlic, onion, greens, tomato) to make a really fresh tasting dish without relying too heavily on fresh ingredients which can be tricky to source right now. I used dandelion greens but any greens like rapini, kale, chard or turnip would work.

For dinner I made sheet pan nachos using some leftover refried beans, salsa, “carnitas” pre-marinated pork roast (from Aldi, I cooked it in the slow cooker for 6 hrs), “Mexican blend” cheese (from Aldi) and red onions. It was really good! They stay nice and crispy with this method.

Non-food related activities:

I’ve been listening to the Gee Thanks, Just Bought It podcast while playing Animal Crossing and it’s weird listening to people talking about going out and worrying about blowing their hair out for “wedding season” and organizing their purses. I also had an opinion about the first guest and I felt like her episode really solidified that for me. Oy!

I drove my car around this morning and there was a fair amount of traffic! It was right at 9 am so I hope they were going to work. It’s been 16 days since we shopped and I thought it would be good idea to recharge the battery a bit. I don’t want to end up trying to go to the store again and realize that the battery is dead. The pink cherry trees in the median were all blooming and that was great to see! I really miss seeing everything blooming outside of my own yard.

Bosch is back!

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