what we ate

Barley Soup & Pierogi (day 37 recap)

We had a bowl of leftover beef/mushroom/veggie/barley soup for lunch. It was so good! It thickened up a bit in fridge so we thinned it out when we heated it up. It’s still so chilly here, it was good soup weather.

For dinner we had some Mrs T’s pierogi we sautéd with bacon, Swiss chard and onions. Matt didn’t realize they were mini ones when we bought the box but they were fun. More like the size of homemade.

Non-food related activities:

We finished season 2 of Babylon Berlin. What a whirlwind! It is a great show but not exactly relaxing.

We have a huge cabinet in the dining room that is full of Tupperware, props for my recipe blog and serving pieces that has been chaotic for way too long. Today we sorted through it and put the lesser used items in a big tote to store in the basement. I hate doing it because I feel like we will forget about them but we don’t really have room. I don’t want to throw them away because they are fine and actual Tupperware brand so well-made and has a lifetime warrantee.

I think cleaning up the space will let us use what we do have in there more often though without fear of causing an avalanche when we open the door.

We still have a bunch to put away but it’s late and I have this bump from a bad bruise last month that starts to hurt if I’m on my feet more than a couple of hours.

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