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Pasta, Soup & Liège Waffles (day 38 recap)

For lunch, I heated up the leftover sardine pasta from Friday, added 3 oz of tuna (from a pouch, the non-drain kind), some more olives and about 3 oz of crumbed feta in a skillet. It was really good. Cold pasta without a real sauce heats up surprisingly well.

For dinner we had the last of the beef and barley soup. There wasn’t a huge amount left but that’s okay because I made Liège waffles as a snack! I’ve been wanting to make them since we went to Belgium about 10 years ago. They always seemed like a pain and while they do need special sugar and they are made with yeast, they were surprisingly easy to make. I posted my recipe here.

Non-food related activities:

Continued organizing the Tupperware/prop cabinet.

Matt Skyped with a friend from college and they played the ukulele together.

I spent most of the day reading French articles about waffles.

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