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Mimosa Salad & Steak (day 39 recap)

For lunch today I made Russian Mimosa salad. It was a suggestion made by friend Olga to use up some canned smoked sprats I “found” when putting away groceries. I gave it my own twist by using some slightly different ingredients (I posted my recipe here) and it was really good. A bit time consuming but not difficult. It would be fun to make for some sort of dinner party.

Matt made dinner–top sirloin steak, sauteed zucchini and wild rice pilaf. I’m not sure if we’ve made top sirloin before. It was lean but tender and very quick cooking. I’ll have to keep it in mind, I bought it at Aldi but I’m not sure if it was a regular item or an older special. I know it wasn’t a special deal the week I was there. I’m hoping to go back next Wednesday–a full month since either of us has really left the house or got groceries.

Non-food related activities:

I downloaded a ton of new books to read. I’m finishing up an ARC of White Ivy by Susie Yang but it’s great to have a bunch of new books to look forward too–some are the newest books by authors I’ve read for years.

We finished watching the Howard’s End mini-series. I’ve never read the book but the miniseries was almost satirical. I thought it was supposed to be more a critique of British life at that time? The Henry Wilcox character was horrible beginning to end. The acting was good but it was rather frustrating to like with very few likable characters.

We talked to all of our respective parents and they are doing well, thankfully!

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