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Carnitas Hash & Mimosa Salad (day 40 recap)

Day 40! Wow! It was a strange, windy, rainy day today but I did get out into the yard a bit. Above is a picture of our pawpaw (a native fruit) tree flowering. The flowers are dark purple and pollinated by flies and beetles. Last year we had a big pawpaw harvest and I’m hoping for a bunch this year too.

For lunch I made hash similar to this one using leftover carnitas from Friday’s nachos, russet potatoes and yellow squash instead of spinach. It was really satisfying!

For dinner we had leftover mimosa salad on crackers and I had a can of minestrone soup (my secret is to put a couple of chunks of sharp cheddar in it–try it! it’s oddly good) and Matt had some noodles and cottage cheese. I had a leftover waffle for a snack and Matt had some Jell-O.

It was a relief not to have to make too many things from scratch after some labor intensive cooking the last few days. Tomorrow I’m planning to take it easy too. It’s important to pace yourself. I don’t want to completely burn myself out and then not want to make anything!

Non-food related activities/thoughts:

We tried grocery delivery from Weis today. I had looked into seeing if they had curbside pick up for next week when we plan to grocery shop again and it was completely booked. They are the only store that sells the hot dogs we like and they also sell a bunch of other random items we don’t like to buy at Aldi like bread, cottage cheese, Cabot cheese, and some more varieties of pasta. They didn’t have any pick up slots for a long time but they had a delivery slot for today and I thought it was worth a try. I don’t know if I’d try again. They didn’t have the hot dogs (the sole reason we picked Weis over any other store), and about half of the other things I wanted. Oddly they did have bread flour which I heard was hard to find. We did end up with saltines, extra large eggs instead of large, rye swirl bread, white bread, saltines, orzo, butter, and mayo which was good. And hot dog rolls but no hot dogs. I guess I should have made a note not to get the rolls if they were out of hot dogs?

My thought had been it might eliminate the need for Matt to go to a second store when I go to Aldi next week but I don’t think that will be the case. At least we have some more bread, we were getting low and really starting to ration it out. I don’t find we eat that much bread and homemade bread gets stale so quickly, I haven’t wanted to go down that route. The delivery was prompt and the delivery person was nice and left it on our steps after telling me which bags had perishables through our jalousie door. It reaffirmed that I think we’d rather do in person shopping than get delivery. I already feel weird about paying people to do put themselves in risk when I/we am/are able bodied anyway. I like being able to see what looks good and make in-person decisions. For example I didn’t put down that subs were okay for the cottage cheese because I didn’t know what they would have and while pepper or chive would have been okay, some fruit flavor would not so now we don’t have any.

We watched Britt-Marie Was Here, which was cute. We also watched some of the Mallorca Files on Britbox. The show is cute and the leads have good (platonic IMO) chemistry but I swear I don’t remember any detail of the mystery 5 seconds after it airs. They just aren’t very memorable cases like the ones in Death In Paradise or Vera or Midsumer Murders.

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