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Day 42: Shrimp with Orzo, Soup & Popcorn

Today for lunch we both had canned soup. Matt had some Campbell’s Thai chicken soup which is actually rather spicy and I had a clam corn chowder. I always doctor canned soups up but they really aren’t bad. I also had popcorn. I wanted to save the chili leftovers for tomorrow since we have to pick up the box of food from Blue Hill Tavern tomorrow night for the contest.

For dinner, I sauteed some lacinato kale, spring onions, defrosted shrimp and mushrooms then tossed in some orzo, lemon juice/zest, and red pepper flakes. It was really light and fresh tasting (sorry about the dim picture, it was really was tasty and appetizing in person.

It’s been over three weeks since we grocery shopped and I’m trying to make it to Wednesday without having to defrost too much from the freezer since I don’t really know what will be in stock when we go. I don’t want to eat a lot of chicken now and then get to the store and that’s all they have. I’ve heard there may be some disruptions to supply but not exactly when or where. I have a fair amount of shrimp so I thought that would be good, we have chili leftover for tomorrow and the mystery box for Saturday so that just leaves Sunday, Monday and Tuesday to worry about.

We tossed the chicken bones we had frozen a few weeks ago. It was taking up a lot of room our tiny freezer and making it difficult to freeze anything else due to it’s odd shape I had thought we’d have more things to add to it to make stock but we really haven’t and I have had to freeze other bone in chicken I had planned to eat and add to it because of expiration dates.

Non-food related activities:

We finished Poldark season 4. I’m glad Morwenna finally got married to the man she liked!

We watched Blinded by the Light which was very cute despite me not knowing anything about Bruce Springsteen. I wish we could go to a “daytimers” bhangra concert! At the end they showed pictures of the man who it was based on and it turned out he wrote a memoir. Somehow the county library had it for the Kindle so I checked it out. It was really a cute story.

It’s Nature Day in Animal Crossing and I was able to get all but one of the varieties of shrubs. Yay! Anyone have any ¬†camellia?


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