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Day 44: Soft Crabs & Syllabub

Today we worked on our entry for the Blue Hill Tavern contest. We made a lunch of corn, crab, shrimp, potatoes and carrots and I made a syllabub for dessert. We prepped one last dish–an appetizer–but we are going to make it tomorrow. The submission is due on Monday.

For dinner we had leftover tuna salad turned tuna pasta salad, tortilla chips with salsa, a snack of some odd (but not bad) Kung Pao chicken mini eggrolls from Aldi I bought a very long time ago.

I’m trying to clear the top fridge freezer out as much as possible before the big shop this week. We have so many odds and ends in there (bacon, flours from the local grist mill, bread crumbs, leftovers we froze in single portions for Matt’s lunches etc) that it is almost dangerous to open the door. We have a small upright freezer in the basement that is normally more than enough but it’s a little small for when we are really stocking up. Bags of things like frozen fish are so bulky and this is basically the size of a dorm fridge. I don’t think a larger one would be better in the long run though, sometimes it’s nearly empty during regular times. Who knows though? Maybe we will end up wanting to have more things on hand in the freezer than we normally do? I found we frequently forgot what was in there and didn’t eat it so I had stopped stocking up so much. We don’t spend a lot of time in the basement so we’d just never go in it. Even keeping a list of the contents didn’t help much.

Non-food activities:

Cooking really took up much of the day. I read some of my book and we caught up on Katy Keene which is still one of the oddest shows on the CW, possibly ever.


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