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Day 45: “Chopped Challenge” Fritters & Corned Beef

I submitted our entry for the “Chopped” Quarantine Cooking Challenge a local restaurant was hosting. We paid $50 for box of ingredients and an entry.

Main course:

Pan-fried soft shell crab and shrimp with smashed red skin potatoes, paprika roasted carrots, and a creamy Old Bay corn, tomato, cheese sauce

(using crab, shrimp, baby potatoes, carrot, corn, cheese, cream, butter, onion, and tomato)

Small plate:

Lemon-pepper corn and chicken fritters

(using egg, chicken, onion, corn, cheese, cream)


Watermelon Syllabub with a Sharkberry Kool-Aid sugar rim and fresh kumquat garnish

(using watermelon, wine, cream, Kool-aid, kumquat)

It was fun. The only thing we added was spices, sugar and a small amount of flour. I had never made syllabub before but it was delicious and very easy! I just tossed in a hunk of watermelon, a tiny bit of confectioners sugar, wine and cream and whipped it all together.

I made the main dish and dessert yesterday for lunch then we had the fritters today for lunch. We have a few fritters leftover and some of the cooked wine-marinated chicken.

For dinner I made a corned beef in the slow cooker (pretty much the last thing in the fridge! I bought it in early March, expiration date 5/15), roasted Brussels sprouts and wild rice pilaf. It was supposed to be potatoes but they had gone green and were full of eyes. I think the porch was a little damp this weekend.

Non-food related activities:

Not a ton! I read. We watched some French mystery series on MHz. Each one takes place in a different town in France. One took place in Lille and there were a lot of scenes in places we had visited when we were there.

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