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Day 48: A Trip to the Store, Pasta Salad & Split Pea Soup

We both went grocery shopping today! Our last trip was on 4/1/20 so it’s been nearly a full month! I went to Aldi where they are taking a lot of precautions. We had to line up outside and only go in when one person came out. They had someone there wiping down each cart. Everyone had to be wearing a mask and only one person per cart was allowed (unless the person was elderly or needed help). There was a Plexiglas divider between me and the clerk and only one person was allowed on the belt at a time. The only hitch was that they weren’t doing their usual trading cart routine (since you bag yourself) so I had to unload my whole massive cart before she should start swiping my food. It was a little precarious! They did have everything I wanted and seemed stocked pretty much as normal except for meat. We were limited to 2 of each kind and they were missing some of their usual basics like stew meat, leaner ground beef, pork loin, pork butt, chicken thighs (bone-in or boneless), and whole chicken. I ended up getting chicken breast tenders (not something we normally buy), thinly sliced beef, ground chicken, wild Alaskan salmon and ground lamb (this week’s special). I also got two frozen Cornish game hens and some frozen seafood. I didn’t go in hoping for anything specific in the meat department (I’ve been planning meals around what we have vs. shopping for particular recipes) so I was happy. It’s different than what we’ve been eating so that’s a nice change.

Matt went to Shoppers because they have a pharmacy and a healthy “International” aisle and got everything on the list (mostly bread products, condiments, mi goreng packets, vitamins) and some ingredients to make pupusas. Oddly neither of us had any luck getting hot dogs. Of all things! We have rolls, though!

I’m glad I did make tuna pasta salad yesterday because it was amazing to come home, unload the groceries, shower and have lunch ready to go. Matt worked all morning while I shopped, ate lunch early then shopped in the afternoon.

I had put all the veggies and ham in a reusable gallon bag last night so this morning I poured it in the slow cooker, added stock and spices and the dried split peas. I picked up a take and bake bread at Aldi to have with it. So easy yet so tasty! I posted the recipe here. It has a few more vegetables than the average split pea soup which I love. It’s perfect for quarantine too—ham always has amazing expiration dates, split peas are shelf stable and the veggies are all long lasting. The youngest vegetable was a month old!

Non-food related activities:

I listened to more of the “You’re Wrong About…” the DC Snipers while playing Animal Crossing. It’s interesting because I really followed the case at the time.

Honestly, I’m exhausted. Shopping went well but was stressful and unloading all those groceries takes forever.


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