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Day 49: Butterscotch Mace Oatmeal Cookies, Soup & Maryland Fried Chicken

For lunch we heated up the the leftover split pea soup and finished up the take-and-bake bread (which was quite good, I’ve been sleeping on this at Aldi). After lunch I made toasted oatmeal cookies with butterscotch chips and my fave spice, mace. I posted the recipe here.

For dinner, we made what I think of as Grandpop fried chicken but is really Maryland style fried chicken. He used to make this all the time with thighs–his secret ingredient was a little bit of granulated bouillon in with the flour. We also had some bagged salad and baked potatoes. We have so many potatoes right now! Aldi didn’t have 5 lb bags of Russets so I ended up with a 10 lb bag in addition to my 5 lbs of Yukon Gold. Bagged salad always seems like a bit of a cop out but most salad ingredients aren’t in season right now and they cost about the same as making them myself if I buy them at Aldi. They are pretty cabbage/carrot heavy and actually keep a couple weeks in the fridge which is handy now.

Non-food related activities:

I finished the You’re Wrong About… episodes about the DC Snipers. I hadn’t listened to the podcast before and I think they did a pretty good job but I really didn’t learn much new except some real minutia of his wife’s life. I don’t think I will listen to the OJ ones I’ve heard a lot about, I know so much about that case I think I could teach a course.

We watched French mysteries on Mhz. I had no idea there were so many islands in France. One takes place in Martinique but there are a lot of island-based episodes that are in France proper. Who knew? They continue to be a bit hit or miss–I’m just picking ones that sound good but some of the plots seem exciting but then end up being a mess. Plus a lot of weird coworker dating/hooking up. Is that not frowned upon in the French police force?

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