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Day 51: Faux McMuffins & Pupusas

Matt made us fake egg McMuffins for breakfast using up the last of the Canadian bacon I bought last month.

Then he did a porch drop off/pick up at my parents’ house. No contact but they gave us some extra carrots and tomatoes, some muffins they made (they too are making muffins each week), Easter presents, Matt’s birthday present for the end of the month and some other odds and ends. I sent over a big bag of magazines since my mom can’t get to the library right now.

For lunch we just had canned soup and some crackers. Dinner was exciting, Matt made pupusas with loroco and cheese and I made a salad with watermelon radish, beets, lettuce (from over 2 weeks ago! It was hydroponic with the roots attached), onion and feta. I sprinkled them with white wine vinegar and everything seasoning. Both were so good! Who knew pupusas were so easy to make? We have enough ingredients to make more too.

Non-food related activities:

We watched more of the French mystery series on Mhz.

Some how we still haven’t played a game yet! The days keep getting away from us.

I read an interesting article about how time seems different now which affirmed what I had been thinking was the cause.

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