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Day 52: General Tso’s Chicken & Sandwiches

All this talk of reopening is really stressing me out. Nothing has changed since we started social distancing. We still know little about the virus, there is no treatment and no vaccine. Now 60,000 people are dead and people are protesting for their right to return to “normal”. The lack of common sense and empathy is appalling. We are at maybe 5% exposure and would have to be at 60-70% for herd immunity (which they don’t even know is possible) to occur. There is a good article (with a bad headline) about this here.

Matt made General Tso’s chicken for lunch. It isn’t anything we normally eat but when I was trying to think of interesting ways to use chicken I came across a reference to it and since we ended up with breasts instead of our preferred thighs it sounded like a good way to counteract their blandness. It also uses pretty basic Chinese/pan-Asian ingredients so if you have those, you are in great shape. Recipe here.

We had tuna sandwiches with chips and dip. For dessert we had some slices of cake my parents made and left for us on their porch.

Non-food related activities:

More French tv watching.

Matt cleaned the kitchen.

It was warm today but our yard is a little too soggy from the rain to spend much time outside.

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