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Day 54: Faux Crab Salad & Shrimp Pupusas

Sorry for the lack of pictures today! Nothing very photogenic and it was a busy day.

I made myself some faux crab salad with Old Bay, fake crab, mayo, celery and red onion for lunch. Matt had a leftover burger. We both had chips and dip.

For dinner Matt made pupusas again but this time added some cooked shrimp to the loroco cheese. It was really good! I’m sad it’s taken us so long to make pupusa at home. I feel like we wasted years!

I’m trying to re-grow the celery from the nub! Why not?

Non-food related activities:
I’m converting Coconut & Lime from a Blogger blog to WordPress. I’ve been on Blogger since the late 1990s (oy!) and never switched over. Lately though I’ve noticed that even when I am googling for my own recipes and know the exact name it isn’t coming up in searches until a few pages in. I’m getting hits to pins on Pinterest of it before I get my actual blog. Or hits to someone who made my recipe and not my actual recipe. You’d think Google would want their own blogs to show up? They’ve made updates recently so it isn’t as if it was totally abandoned.

Anyway, I figured out how to get the links to continue to work, which had been a major stumbling block in migrating it before. I have 16 years worth of recipes on there and get a lot of traffic still. It might look funky for a while but at least it’s working.

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