daily recap

Day 59: Grilled Cheese, Soup & Pides

For lunch we had chipotle cheddar grilled cheese and leftover kale soup. For dinner Matt made some Turkish pides with ground lamb, zucchini and feta that were really good! We had never made them before but why not now? They only had one rise so they were pretty quick for a yeast based dish.

We also roasted a marinated turkey breast that had a sell-by date of tomorrow. I have no idea what to do with it! I bought it for something easy to have if we were tired or didn’t feel well but we didn’t end up using it. Now I need to think of some way to use up the cooked meat, I don’t think simply reheating in the oven would be very tasty.

We don’t have a ton of meat left in the fridge from our latest shop, we froze some but we bought less.

The pictures from Mother’s Day brunches at restaurants today are so gross. It’s frustrating to take so many precautions and know that the few times we venture out we could be mingling with these morons.

I also have realized that what most people seem to miss more than anything is people serving them, not actually being out and doing anything or seeing friends. It’s all wanting people to serve them at restaurants, watch their kids, do their hair and nails. The push for schools and camps to reopen is really disturbing. These teachers didn’t sign up to be martyrs so you don’t have to deal with your children during the day. Even if you don’t care about the teachers’ lives, do you really want to have to talk to your children about their teacher’s death?

Non-food related activities:

I finished Long Bright River by Liz Moore. I had tried to read it when it first came out but the lack of quotation marks was really off-putting. It makes it so difficult and annoying to read. If it wasn’t for that, it would have been a five-star-er.

We caught up on our CW shows. Riverdale is bananas as always.

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