what we ate

Day 61: Turkey Salad, Salad & Beans and Rice

Today was a hard day without Pippi. She was so much a part of our daily lives and since she couldn’t do steps (dachshund) we spent a lot of time being her personal elevator. Matt took off since neither of us really slept and we cleaned up her things and took a nap.

Our produce delivery came early so I made turkey salad with the turkey we roasted on Sunday then served with this week’s lettuce and radishes (I used the radish greens too) and tomatoes I bought 13 days ago at Aldi (!), blue cheese and some red onion. We had homemade egg and cheese muffins with bacon this morning so Matt made some extra bacon so I added that too. Its sort of like a BLT meets Cobb salad.

For dinner I had the leftover turkey/beans/rice with a fried egg and Matt had some noodles and cottage cheese with OTAMOT sauce.

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