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Day 62: Scallop Mi Goreng & Pides

For lunch I sautéd some baby bok choy from our produce delivery, shallot, chili oil and frozen bay scallops and tossed it with some mi goreng noodles. Bay scallops cook up in like 3 minutes and are cheap ($4 for 12 oz, I think) making them perfect for lunch.

For dinner we reheated the pides from Sunday and had the last of the peanut-pretzel bars.

I can’t believe it’s been two weeks since we grocery shopped! We don’t have a ton of fresh meat left but we have some. I had some shelf-stable food delivered. I hate doing it but we haven’t been able to find larger amounts of couscous or risotto rice or some condiments we’ve been out of for a while. I did a huge tip so that made me feel a little better.

I defrosted some bangers we froze back in the beginning of the shut down so that will be an easy dinner soon.

The full shut down order is ending here on Friday and I can’t imagine why. I don’t understand how they are enforcing stores to be at half capacity. I think this is just going to lead to another huge shut down.

Non-food related activities:

Trying to work on a new schedule without Pippi. She really kept us on a schedule and Lulu is much more chill and not a morning dog 🙂 It’s really awful being here without her.

Watched the new Nadiya Hussain cooking show on Netflix. She’s so peppy!

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