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Day 63: Tacos & Pasta Salad

Today I made tacos for lunch. I bought two packs of this “beef for carne asada” which I thought was seasoned two weeks ago at Aldi. When I dumped it in the pan I realized it was literally was “beef for carne asada” not carne asada seasoned beef. The long expiration date (bought the end of April, expires 5/22) tricked me! It was basically pre-chopped flank or skirt steak. Anyway, I tossed in some faux-tel tomatoes with peppers, onion and a bunch of spices. It came out pretty good! I used up the last of the cherry tomatoes and some coleslaw mix for toppings.

I had to toss the rest of the smothered cabbage. I was planning to have it earlier in the week but Pippi died and I forgot. I think it was too late to eat today. I made some fake crab pasta salad and some chips and salsa as a snack. Matt had spaghetti, cottage cheese and OTAMOT sauce again. He also made us some dandelion greens that somehow really wilted since they were delivered on Tuesday and they were so bitter I couldn’t finish them. They were “red dandelion” not our usual so maybe that was it? Bad food waste day.

Non-food related activities:

Watched Muppets in Space on DVD. Not one of the better Muppet efforts. Also watched another French mystery on Mhz.

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