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Day 64: Bangers and Turnip/Potato Mash & Tuna Salad-Bacon Sandwiches

I made bangers and turnip-potato mash for our “big” meal at lunchtime. I really do like getting the major cooking done early in the day. I had frozen leftover bangers back in March and I thought they’d made a good Friday treat type meal. Bangers and mash is one of those meals that’s simple but creates a lot of dishes and requires more timing than you’d think.

For dinner Matt made use bacon and tuna salad sandwiches. He had pretzels too. We had some open bacon to use up and we try to only use one can of tuna when we make tuna salad because two cans for two people is a little too much but really, one can isn’t quite enough for two sandwiches. The bacon helped bulk it up a little bit and I do love the bacon and tuna combo. Not every meal has to be elaborate!

We didn’t get as much meat or as much variety last time we shopped so I’m trying extra hard to make one easier/lighter meal each day and stretch out what we have. We are down to 2 packs of fresh meat, a package of sausages and a few ounces of smoked salmon from our shop two weeks ago. I want to be strategic with defrosting foods because I don’t know what will be in stock next time we go. I really don’t want to go the grocery store before Memorial Day if I can help it, I think the stores will be packed between the re-opening of the state and the normal busyness before Memorial Day. I normally try to avoid shopping that week anyway, the stores are always packed even during the day.

If I can make it to the 27th or 28th, it would be around a full month since we would have last done a shop. Matt’s birthday is the 29th and we are debating about getting crabs or fancy steaks/meat to grill. Or both. His bosses were urging people to use up vacation and mental health days so he took a long weekend so we will have a lot of time to kill. If I went to the store on the 27th, I could pick up things for that weekend too.

We have been debating about what should be our second store on the shopping day. Matt suggested Lidl (or even as a primary instead of Aldi) but we haven’t been to a US location yet and I’m not sure what they sell or what their prices are like. I wish I had made a point of going the one near-ish us but it hadn’t been open more than a few weeks before lockdown.

Non-food related news:

We watched Toni Erdmann (Netflix DVD). I think we could put together a subgenre of movies we’ve watched where someone wears a full body animal suit and not exactly for laughs. Where’s Poppa? and Morgan! both spring to mind. Another list: movies with punctuation in the title.


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