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Day 67: Random Leftovers, Sweet Potato Muffins & Fish Sticks

Meal planning is a little exhausting lately. We didn’t get as much meat on our trip the end of April and while we have a good bit frozen I’m never sure what is going to be in the stores when we go so I’m always hesitant to go too crazy and defrost a ton of stuff. I really want to wait until after Memorial Day to shop to avoid crowds since the state has only recently reopened (Baltimore City hasn’t but we don’t really have many grocery stores here so I drive to the county for groceries) and Memorial Day is normally nuts for shopping anyway. It’s often the first really hot day of the year and people like to party. Thankfully we get our produce delivery each week but it’s not always enough of any one item (one small bunch of kale!) to make a meal or it’s things like potatoes or onions that are great but again, not really the makings of a full meal.

For lunch we had a random assortment of leftovers. A single banger from Friday, potato cakes from Saturday, pita, lamb and hummus from Sunday. After lunch I made sweet potato muffins for Matt’s breakfasts this week. Matt worked late so we jettisoned our initial plans and had fish stick sandwiches and kale with wild rice pilaf for dinner. We took some bone-in chicken thighs from the freezer to defrost for another meal this week.

Non-food related activities:

We still haven’t played any board or card games since this whole thing started! Not that we played them all the time but we did a fair amount. The days just seem so long yet short and we are spending to much time washing dishes and cooking and Matt’s been so busy at work we somehow seem to run out of time. I don’t even feel like we are watching that much tv. We are playing ACNH together.

We watched the end of Gold Digger on Acorn (a surprise happy ending!) and started the new series Dead Still.

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