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Day 69: Chicken & BLTs

At lunchtime I roasted chicken thighs on a bed of cabbage, turnips and potato. It turned out well but next time I will make sure to put the turnips on the bottom of the pan because the ones directly under the chicken were a little toothsome. The cabbage was from March!

For dinner we had BLTs with lettuce and tomato from our produce delivery. I had chips and salsa for a snack earlier so all I had was a sandwich.

Non-food related activities:

There was a meteor shower on my island on New Horizons for the first time! It was fun having friends over to wish on stars.

We are almost done Poldark already! I’m not sure if it is the final season or not. I found articles saying they always planned to do five but none saying it was canceled. Unless something happens in episode 8, I don’t see it wrapping up any more than previous seasons.

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