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Day 75: Put an Egg On It & Muffins (again)

For lunch I heated up some leftover chicken and wild rice pilaf, tossed in some feta and topped it with a fried egg.

After lunch I made more muffins for Matt’s breakfasts (carrot-walnut-ginger-yogurt) using up the last of the yogurt and some sad looking carrots. I also made chicken salad with the last of the feta, arugula from our produce delivery today, red onion and lemon pepper for tomorrow’s post-grocery store lunch.

Matt made fish stick sandwiches (to finish up the fish sticks and the last of the bread) and red mustard greens, Vidalia onions and potatoes from our produce delivery for dinner.

Our fridge is so empty! The emptiest its been in many, many months. We have a lot of shredded cheddar and butter I haven’t opened and we have some greens from today’s produce delivery but we are really low on pretty much everything else.

We are thinking about getting steamed crabs or raw meat from Fogo de Chão to grill for Matt’s birthday this weekend. Possibly both if it’s good weather! I’ll make the side dishes though.

Non-food related activities:

We finished A Discovery of Witches and I watched Liar on Sundance Now while we still have it.

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