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Day 77: Seafood Orzo & Deviled Ham

For lunch today I went from having no idea what we were having to making this seafood orzo dish in like 10 minutes. I had read how frozen mixed seafood is super gross but it really turned out great! If you click on the recipe link, I talk about what went into making it; it’s very pandemic-friendly!

For dinner I made a version of these deviled ham toasties but I heated some oil/butter in a pan and placed slices of take and bake Italian bread leftover from lunch on it and topped it with the deviled ham and cheddar for sort of a open-faced grilled cheese/toast type thing. It was really good! I might have liked it even more than I did with English muffins.

After dinner (it’s baking right now, actually) I made a small cake for Matt’s birthday tomorrow so I won’t have to wait for it to cool to frost it tomorrow. We’ve planned a lot of food and cooking tomorrow so this will be one less thing to worry about. I made this cake but used all regular sugar instead of brown because I’m going to ice it and brown sugar gives it a stickier top.

Non-food related activities:

I worked on Coconut & Lime a lot.

I listened to more of In the Dark about the coronavirus.

We watched more of season 3 of The Good Fight so Matt can catch up and we cancel the service. I watched the season 4 finale in the morning. I heard Cush Jumbo might be living the show. I can see it but I’ll miss her! I’m sure there were supposed to be more episodes than seven so I wonder how they will deal with it.

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