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Day 78: Birthday Cake & Steak

Today’s Matt’s birthday! He went to our local Italian grocery for the first time since early March and apparently they made it safer for the staff and customers to shop. He bought all the Italian ingredients we’ve been missing and a couple of sandwiches. Our first food made from someone else in over 78 days! We’ve been avoiding takeout but this is a grocery store and we spent an obscene amount of money on various ingredients. Is it take out or is it just groceries?

The sandwiches did seem really big. They were how I remembered them but we’ve been eating smaller portions and being more mindful of wanting leftovers and stretching food to avoid shopping that it really seemed decadent.

We had debated about getting raw meat from Fogo de Chão but I found strip steaks and lamb chops at Aldi so we didn’t. Matt ended up making a steak (it was massive so we split it), kale and rice and beans (both with some really good kielbasa I also found at Aldi that came in a thick chunk) and pão de queijo in mini muffin tins (using Mexican queso fresco since we can’t really get the right Brazilian cheese here).

I forgot to put the sugar in the cake I made last night so I made that again this morning and iced it with coconut cream cheese frosting. I shouldn’t try to bake at like 11 pm!

Non-food related activities:

We watched The Lovebirds and The Half of It on Netflix. Both were cute. We always like Michael Showalter movies. THOI had an odd brief religious subplot in it that seemed out of place.

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