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Day 70: Leftover Clam Pasta & Spam Musubi

For lunch I heated up the clam pasta leftover from the other day. It heated up surprisingly well! I added a tiny bit of feta to help bulk it up which was also surprisingly good.

For dinner I sauteed some bok choy and Matt made spam musubi which is an excellent pantry meal! We always try to have some nori, spam and sushi rice on hand. We made our own teriyaki sauce.

Non-food related activities:

We watched most of Rosehaven on Amazon Prime where the first season was free. I might have to sign up for a free trial of Sundance to watch another season!

We finished Poldark. I think it could easily be a set up for another season so I’ll be interested to see what happens.

I read most of This is Big by Marisa Meltzer which is good but she is oddly not very introspective about major issues of her life, including her years long use of meth and coke as diet aids as a child or her mother’s clear disordered eating.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 69: Chicken & BLTs

At lunchtime I roasted chicken thighs on a bed of cabbage, turnips and potato. It turned out well but next time I will make sure to put the turnips on the bottom of the pan because the ones directly under the chicken were a little toothsome. The cabbage was from March!

For dinner we had BLTs with lettuce and tomato from our produce delivery. I had chips and salsa for a snack earlier so all I had was a sandwich.

Non-food related activities:

There was a meteor shower on my island on New Horizons for the first time! It was fun having friends over to wish on stars.

We are almost done Poldark already! I’m not sure if it is the final season or not. I found articles saying they always planned to do five but none saying it was canceled. Unless something happens in episode 8, I don’t see it wrapping up any more than previous seasons.

daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day: 68 Bacon Fried Rice & Clam Pasta

For lunch I combined the leftover wild rice pilaf (with kale) and the leftover garlic rice, added a couple pieces of bacon and egg to make fried rice. It was really good!

For dinner Matt made spaghetti with canned clams, rainbow chard, parsley and green garlic. I actually think the clams were more tender than they were when we’ve made pasta with fresh clams.

Matt went to Weis while he was out running another errand and was finally able to get hot dogs! Plus a few other odds and ends like spaghetti, coke, cottage cheese and mayo. It’s been three weeks since our last trip out so we were getting low on some basics again.

Non-food related activities:

Watched Poldark. This is the second time we’ve rented it from Netflix only to have to appear on Amazon Prime the same day.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 67: Random Leftovers, Sweet Potato Muffins & Fish Sticks

Meal planning is a little exhausting lately. We didn’t get as much meat on our trip the end of April and while we have a good bit frozen I’m never sure what is going to be in the stores when we go so I’m always hesitant to go too crazy and defrost a ton of stuff. I really want to wait until after Memorial Day to shop to avoid crowds since the state has only recently reopened (Baltimore City hasn’t but we don’t really have many grocery stores here so I drive to the county for groceries) and Memorial Day is normally nuts for shopping anyway. It’s often the first really hot day of the year and people like to party. Thankfully we get our produce delivery each week but it’s not always enough of any one item (one small bunch of kale!) to make a meal or it’s things like potatoes or onions that are great but again, not really the makings of a full meal.

For lunch we had a random assortment of leftovers. A single banger from Friday, potato cakes from Saturday, pita, lamb and hummus from Sunday. After lunch I made sweet potato muffins for Matt’s breakfasts this week. Matt worked late so we jettisoned our initial plans and had fish stick sandwiches and kale with wild rice pilaf for dinner. We took some bone-in chicken thighs from the freezer to defrost for another meal this week.

Non-food related activities:

We still haven’t played any board or card games since this whole thing started! Not that we played them all the time but we did a fair amount. The days just seem so long yet short and we are spending to much time washing dishes and cooking and Matt’s been so busy at work we somehow seem to run out of time. I don’t even feel like we are watching that much tv. We are playing ACNH together.

We watched the end of Gold Digger on Acorn (a surprise happy ending!) and started the new series Dead Still.

daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 66: Green Garlic Hummus, Lamb, Pita & Chips

For lunch I made some hummus with green garlic, green garlic lamb kofta and Matt made pocketless pita. We served with with grape leaves and tomato/eggplant from Trader Joe’s.

For dinner Matt had spaghetti with OTAMOT sauce (not sponsored!) and cottage cheese again and I had leftover carne asada with chips and salsa.

Non-food related activities:

Matt took Lulu on a walk and had some work to do.

We watched 2 episodes of The Good Fight on the CBS app and the latest episode of In the Dark on the CW.

daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 65: Lox with Potato Cakes & Cod with Garlic Rice

I took a great picture of the potato cakes we made with leftover mash but somehow it isn’t on my phone? We added dill, onions, an egg and a few spices then made browned them in a skillet. We served them with lox, capers and sour cream. So good!

Matt didn’t feel great so we swapped out my plans for dinner for an lighter meal of Filipino style garlic rice, sautéd zucchini and (frozen) cod.

Non-food related activities:

I attended a meteor shower in New Horizons.

We watched more French mysteries on Mhz. I’m learning a lot of odder French words like for various historical events, pirates, fairies etc

Time is so weird. I feel like we get up then it’s suddenly lunchtime then I blink and it’s 7 and we have to make dinner.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 64: Bangers and Turnip/Potato Mash & Tuna Salad-Bacon Sandwiches

I made bangers and turnip-potato mash for our “big” meal at lunchtime. I really do like getting the major cooking done early in the day. I had frozen leftover bangers back in March and I thought they’d made a good Friday treat type meal. Bangers and mash is one of those meals that’s simple but creates a lot of dishes and requires more timing than you’d think.

For dinner Matt made use bacon and tuna salad sandwiches. He had pretzels too. We had some open bacon to use up and we try to only use one can of tuna when we make tuna salad because two cans for two people is a little too much but really, one can isn’t quite enough for two sandwiches. The bacon helped bulk it up a little bit and I do love the bacon and tuna combo. Not every meal has to be elaborate!

We didn’t get as much meat or as much variety last time we shopped so I’m trying extra hard to make one easier/lighter meal each day and stretch out what we have. We are down to 2 packs of fresh meat, a package of sausages and a few ounces of smoked salmon from our shop two weeks ago. I want to be strategic with defrosting foods because I don’t know what will be in stock next time we go. I really don’t want to go the grocery store before Memorial Day if I can help it, I think the stores will be packed between the re-opening of the state and the normal busyness before Memorial Day. I normally try to avoid shopping that week anyway, the stores are always packed even during the day.

If I can make it to the 27th or 28th, it would be around a full month since we would have last done a shop. Matt’s birthday is the 29th and we are debating about getting crabs or fancy steaks/meat to grill. Or both. His bosses were urging people to use up vacation and mental health days so he took a long weekend so we will have a lot of time to kill. If I went to the store on the 27th, I could pick up things for that weekend too.

We have been debating about what should be our second store on the shopping day. Matt suggested Lidl (or even as a primary instead of Aldi) but we haven’t been to a US location yet and I’m not sure what they sell or what their prices are like. I wish I had made a point of going the one near-ish us but it hadn’t been open more than a few weeks before lockdown.

Non-food related news:

We watched Toni Erdmann (Netflix DVD). I think we could put together a subgenre of movies we’ve watched where someone wears a full body animal suit and not exactly for laughs. Where’s Poppa? and Morgan! both spring to mind. Another list: movies with punctuation in the title.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 63: Tacos & Pasta Salad

Today I made tacos for lunch. I bought two packs of this “beef for carne asada” which I thought was seasoned two weeks ago at Aldi. When I dumped it in the pan I realized it was literally was “beef for carne asada” not carne asada seasoned beef. The long expiration date (bought the end of April, expires 5/22) tricked me! It was basically pre-chopped flank or skirt steak. Anyway, I tossed in some faux-tel tomatoes with peppers, onion and a bunch of spices. It came out pretty good! I used up the last of the cherry tomatoes and some coleslaw mix for toppings.

I had to toss the rest of the smothered cabbage. I was planning to have it earlier in the week but Pippi died and I forgot. I think it was too late to eat today. I made some fake crab pasta salad and some chips and salsa as a snack. Matt had spaghetti, cottage cheese and OTAMOT sauce again. He also made us some dandelion greens that somehow really wilted since they were delivered on Tuesday and they were so bitter I couldn’t finish them. They were “red dandelion” not our usual so maybe that was it? Bad food waste day.

Non-food related activities:

Watched Muppets in Space on DVD. Not one of the better Muppet efforts. Also watched another French mystery on Mhz.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 62: Scallop Mi Goreng & Pides

For lunch I sautéd some baby bok choy from our produce delivery, shallot, chili oil and frozen bay scallops and tossed it with some mi goreng noodles. Bay scallops cook up in like 3 minutes and are cheap ($4 for 12 oz, I think) making them perfect for lunch.

For dinner we reheated the pides from Sunday and had the last of the peanut-pretzel bars.

I can’t believe it’s been two weeks since we grocery shopped! We don’t have a ton of fresh meat left but we have some. I had some shelf-stable food delivered. I hate doing it but we haven’t been able to find larger amounts of couscous or risotto rice or some condiments we’ve been out of for a while. I did a huge tip so that made me feel a little better.

I defrosted some bangers we froze back in the beginning of the shut down so that will be an easy dinner soon.

The full shut down order is ending here on Friday and I can’t imagine why. I don’t understand how they are enforcing stores to be at half capacity. I think this is just going to lead to another huge shut down.

Non-food related activities:

Trying to work on a new schedule without Pippi. She really kept us on a schedule and Lulu is much more chill and not a morning dog 🙂 It’s really awful being here without her.

Watched the new Nadiya Hussain cooking show on Netflix. She’s so peppy!

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Day 61: Turkey Salad, Salad & Beans and Rice

Today was a hard day without Pippi. She was so much a part of our daily lives and since she couldn’t do steps (dachshund) we spent a lot of time being her personal elevator. Matt took off since neither of us really slept and we cleaned up her things and took a nap.

Our produce delivery came early so I made turkey salad with the turkey we roasted on Sunday then served with this week’s lettuce and radishes (I used the radish greens too) and tomatoes I bought 13 days ago at Aldi (!), blue cheese and some red onion. We had homemade egg and cheese muffins with bacon this morning so Matt made some extra bacon so I added that too. Its sort of like a BLT meets Cobb salad.

For dinner I had the leftover turkey/beans/rice with a fried egg and Matt had some noodles and cottage cheese with OTAMOT sauce.