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Day 110: Jjajangmyeon

For lunch I made some frozen shrimp for me and finished the potato salad from Saturday. Matt had some rice and half of the leftover meatballs/zucchini from yesterday since he still didn’t feel great.

I had put up some beef country style ribs I marinated last night in the slow cooker. Matt didn’t feel up to much so he had a tiny bit, eggs and rice and I sautéd up some spinach from today’s produce delivery and served it on some instant jjajangmyeon. The ribs were quite tasty! I had never bought or tried them before but Aldi had them when I went (almost 2 weeks ago) and I’ve been making an effort to try different meat offerings there since I never know what is going to be in stock. The store has always been well stocked but it has varied a bit—one week they only had dark meat chicken, the next white etc.

We have a few packs of tofu from H Mart I need to figure out what to do with too. I should have put their expiration dates on my list with the meat.

Tomorrow will be July already. It’s hard to think we have basically been home 24/7 since min-March. No end in sight as cases have really surged. Maryland seems to be holding pretty steady though.

I did place a Costco order for some basic supplies like dish soap, sponges, laundry detergent and honey (Matt goes through a truly massive amount of honey in his tea, I think it must be more honey than tea) that we aren’t desperate for but will need. They were all items that had been out of stock a for many weeks I thought it better to get them now then when things might shut down again or get worse.

Non-Food related activities:

We watched Ganja and Hess (a classic) on Prime. I always wonder what happens to these extras in movies like this. Like the children in the church choir. They must be over 50 now. I wonder what they remember, being so young during the filming.

Started an ARC of Sally Hepworth’s new book.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 109: Chicken Meatballs

For lunch I had the leftover cornflake schnitzel and leftover potato salad. Matt had a can of soup since he didn’t feel well. We are actually getting low on soup! They were on sale for about $1.40 a can in very early March and I bought a ton. I don’t feel like we’ve been eating that much but I guess we have.

Matt made some baked chicken meatballs with ginger, garlic, soy sauce etc and zucchini (all on the same pan) and he had it over rice and I had it over a packet of mi goreng.

Nonfood related activities:

I made those ornaments my mom wanted me to make out of felt and pictures. I think the glue gave me a migraine so the afternoon was kind of a bust.

We watched Shirley Valentine on DVD (Netflix) and and the new Grantchester episode on the PBS app.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 108: Salad & Ahi Tuna

For breakfast Matt made me a breakfast sandwich with the ham I had frozen, egg and the last of the English muffins. I had some leftover potato salad in the afternoon but no real lunch.

For dinner we were going to have pizza but Matt didn’t feel great so we made ahi tuna steaks. Matt had rice and zucchini with it and I made a salad to use up the lettuce.

Nonfood related activities:

I finished reading a couple books.

We watched Dark on Netflix.

Matt had to work again so we didn’t do much. Looking forward to a three day weekend!

daily recap · what we ate

107: Cornflake Schnitzel

The days all run together but today was Saturday! Some how we managed to do very little.

For lunch we had our “big meal” again. I made potato salad with arugula from our produce delivery and Matt made (pork) schnitzel with cornflakes instead of breadcrumbs. It was very good and crispy! Who knew? It finished off one box of cornflakes so now we have like 2 to go? Why did I keep buying cornflakes when we don’t really eat cereal?

For dinner I had yesterday’s leftovers (there was not much left even for one person) and some pretzels. Matt had noodles/cottage cheese/OTAMOT sauce. More cookies. I figure we eat them while they are fresh and then they are gone.

Nonfood related nonsense:

Somehow the bathroom sink was left running and it overflowed? The old timey stopper is never actually water tight but somehow it was today and the overflow hole must have let some water out but not enough to keep it from pouring all over the side of the sink. Luckily we hadn’t gone to bed or anything but between this and the oil spill yesterday Matt somehow didn’t notice until like a liter spilled, I’m starting to suspect poltergeist.

I read more of my book, we finished Black Spot and started rewatching Dark since the third and final season is out and it has been years since we saw season one. We didn’t bother with two because we heard a third was coming out. Normally we don’t rewatch things but between both shows having time plots, years passing between watchings and being in other languages it’s harder to remember. Dark would be complicated even in English. At least Black Spot is in French which we both understand pretty well.

I don’t understand how we watched like 2 hrs of tv made lunch, heated up dinner and did virtually nothing else yet it is nearly midnight .

daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 106: Dandan-ish Noodles & Hummus

For lunch I made our “big meal” for the day. Matt bought fresh dandan noodles at Hmart last week and I wanted to make dandan noodles with them (obviously) but I didn’t have all of the right ingredients. So I made some dandanish noodles with Sichuan peppercorns, homemade chili oil, ground chicken (instead of pork) etc but I didn’t have the right vinegar and my pickled greens aren’t quite ready. I subbed in the kohlrabi greens and bulbs I prepped and cooked yesterday instead. It was pretty quick to make too even though I hand-ground the peppercorns and made my own infused oil, it only took about half an hour or so? The noodles and chicken cooked really quickly.

For dinner we had fish sticks (thank you Aldi for cheap, sustainable, wild caught fish sticks) and cucumber spears with hummus.

Matt made cookies after dinner.

Then he spilled about a liter of olive oil on the kitchen floor so that was a mess! On the positive side, the floor is very clean now.

Non-food related activities:

It was warm today (upper 80s) but not humid so I got to use the hammock twice. Miraculously no one was setting off firecrackers or mowing the lawn. I got some of my book read and more came in from the library (digitally).

Watched more Black Spot on Netflix. This season is more supernaturally than the last, I think.

Listened to more of the Faded Out podcast; I still find their priorities and order for each episode a little off. I also feel like the host thinks the police are a lot more involved and competent than they actually are. Why would they interview the landlord or an ex girl friend if they weren’t around at the time of the child’s disappearance? I barely saw my landlord when I rented. He had no idea what I did or who I was.

daily recap · planning · what we ate

Day 105(!): Sesame Noodles & Popcorn

I felt peppy at lunch so I made some sesame noodles with the kohlrabi. Matt had grabbed some soba by mistake at H Mart last week so it was nice to use some of it up! I had a huge amount of kohlrabi so I went ahead and cooked it all up so I have some ready to do something else with. I don’t know if the greens would have last much longer in the fridge but cooked, they should be fine.

For dinner we had the leftover eggplant pasta and some popcorn with Trader Joe’s “everything but the elote” seasoning.

I harvested 3 raspberries today! The beach plums look really good too. Last year we had a great yield and the fruit was really big (some years they’ve been blueberry sized and they have giant pits) but last June was when my mom was diagnosed with aggressive brain cancer and she was in the hospital/rehab a long time. I was too fried to even bother picking them. Somehow she is still with us (went for a routine MRI yesterday) and seems pretty stable so things are more normal on that front at least. So fingers crossed I’ll feel up to picking plums and making something with them this year? It’s not like we have much else to do.

I still haven’t made that lemonade!! Maybe tomorrow??

Non-food related activities:

Matt zoomed with his parents for their anniversary. The cookies and treats I had delivered arrived safely! I found a local to them place that was a bakery that also sold breakfast and lunch and had regular delivery drivers vs a bakery that packed things up to ship. I thought it would be fresher and cheaper that way!

I’m trying to read an easier book after that mess of a book I read yesterday. I’m doing the summer reading program at the library again so I’m trying to read at a good pace. I have like 6 kindle books checked out so the pressure is on.

I listened to more of Faded Out. It’s pretty good but I feel like they sort of bury the lede a bit. We heard a lot from random people like their landlord at the time before learning that the dad had a record and apparently was a child molester.

We watched a little more of Black Spot on Netflix. Matt’s still on call and was up for hours at like 2 am today so we are all a little tired, especially him, of course!

daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 104: Eggplant Pasta & Snacks

Matt’s on call this week and thought he might be busy this evening so I made our “big” meal for lunch. I roasted eggplant and tossed it with sautéd garlic scapes, spinach, chicken breast and the leftover cooked (plain) pasta from Monday (I made the whole pound when I made this and we ate maybe half of it). We have a lot left so I think we will have it tomorrow for dinner too, Matt has a Zoom with his parents for their anniversary some around dinner time so it would nice to not have to cook.

For dinner I had a hot dog on an English muffin, sauerkraut and some of the spicy refrigerator pickles I made yesterday. I did not mean to have such a salty meal! It just happened.

I really want to make this frozen lemonade tomorrow! I wanted to today but Matt has been busy all day and I don’t want to interrupt. I also need to do something with those kohlrabi greens.

Non-food related activities:

Today kind of got away from me, I did a lot on C & L today and somehow the whole afternoon/early evening was gone.

I finished The Lady’s Handbook For Her Mysterious Illness by Sarah Ramey. It was a struggle to get through. She really talked in circles a lot and made endless references to Harry Potter. I have never read Harry Potter and I would not have thought a book about chronic illness and the medical community ignoring women would have so much about it. It was an odd choice.

I started season 2 of Faded Out. I haven’t listened to season 1 but I hear there is a spin-off of season 2 that’s good so I started there. The episodes are really short! They sort of abruptly end.

My back feels a little funny. I had opened our top freezer yesterday and something fell out. I bent over to pick it up and when I stood up I hit the door of the freezer with my back. I don’t see a bruise but it’s a little achy. Sitting on my uncomfortable office chair all day didn’t help either.

daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 103: Tosilog

For lunch I had a leftover roll, which I sliced, sprinkled with cheese and toasted with the leftover burger, broken up in the same pan. Matt had noodles and cottage cheese. What gourmets we are!

For breakfast for dinner Matt made tosilog with tocino he bought at HMart, and the necessary garlic fried rice (it’s a little dark because he made it in the same pan as he cooked the tocino) and fried egg. On the side he made some mustard greens drizzled with spicy coconut vinegar I found in the back of the cabinet. It was so good! We hadn’t bought the H Mart tocino before but it was tasty.

I made a quick pickle with a cucumber from last week’s produce box but I haven’t tried it yet.

So much giant produce in our produce box this week. The fridge is overflowing. I froze some chicken to make room and it still wasn’t enough. The kohlrabi alone is filling most of the second shelf. I also have some produce I bought at Aldi to use up (we don’t know what we are getting in the boxes until a day and a half before delivery so I always get some produce at Aldi just in case all we end up with is lettuce). It’s very overwhelming! I have a head of lettuce perched on some pickles in the door. It’s too hot to leave stuff out in our unairconditioned house.

Non-food activities:

Finished my book which I didn’t love. Started a new one.

Finished rewatching season one of Black Spot.

Started looking for a new podcast to listen to.

Wrote up the miso pasta recipe.

daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 102: Tuna Salad & Shrimp and Mushroom Pasta

For lunch I made tuna salad and served it on the leftover hamburger buns from yesterday. Making homemade buns always stresses me out because we are only two people and they go stale so quickly yet it’s difficult to scale a recipe that only makes a few buns. I used up the last of the lettuce and large tomato from our produce delivery. Just in time for more tomorrow!

For dinner I made a pasta dish with frozen shrimp, garlic scapes, miso, mushrooms and spinach that was really good! I think I might have to post it over on Coconut & Lime even though I didn’t take great pictures of it.

Non-food related activities:

Matt’s tai chi school had it’s first virtual lesson/class today. He said it was a little tricky but he managed. We paid when they were closed so they are giving everyone who paid this month free to try out the new format. I think they might switch to outdoor classes but he’s not sure if he is comfortable with that.

We rewatched more of Black Spot on Netflix. It really is a funny show despite the sort of grim premise. We also watched Grantchester on the PBS app. I feel like our tv watching has gone up but there isn’t a lot to do when you aren’t going anywhere! By the time we eat dinner we are normally too tired to play a game beyond New Horizons. At least I can practice my French watching Black Spot.

I finished My Own Backyard and I am disgusted with myself for listening to it all. The finale episode was the police guy in charge of the case now talking about how astute the host was. I literally laughed out loud. No wonder they haven’t made any real headway in 20 years. I also listened to most of the latest Gee Thanks, Just Bought It. I skipped most of the one with the little girl, she did a great job with her business but I know zero small children to give books to.

I finished Vera Drake is Not A Mystery at like 1:30 this morning. I think I liked it more than the first! I’m a little surprised she is making it into a series but I hope there is more. I started The Majesties by Tiffany Tsao and I’m not sure if I like it or not. I’m like 30% done already so I might keep pressing on. I like the concept and the setting but I’m still not getting a great feel for the characters yet. I actually started The Body Double by Emily Beyda first but on the first page she said that Mr. Pibb and Mello Yellow were generic sodas, which the Coca-Cola company would be surprised to learn, I’m sure, and it sort of soured it for me. She also mentioned Dr Smooth which is a Canadian soda (possibly generic, I’m not Canadian so who knows) and Moon Mist (a Faygo flavor). This sort of thing always bothers me because why not just make up names? Or Google? I know it is about a body double so maybe she was trying to make some point about sodas that are generic versions of the originals but it’s muddled because they really aren’t generics. Anyway, it irked me so I returned it to the library. I actually think I have an ARC of it on my Kindle if I change my mind. Her writing in general was a little stilted and I have 4 other books checked out I need to finish so onward!

Also did a lot of work on C & L.

daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 101: Chicken Wraps & Burgers (with homemade buns!)

For lunch we made wraps with the red lettuce from our produce box, tomatoes from a few boxes ago (miraculously still good), honey mustard and leftover chicken tenders from Friday night on spinach wraps from Aldi. The chicken reheated surprisingly well and was quite good on the wrap.

For dinner Matt made homemade hamburger buns using the King Arthur flour recipe and topped them with everything seasoning. I made coleslaw as the side (exactly 2 portions) and we topped the burgers with more tomato, red onions and Gouda (sliced, from Aldi). They were really good! We haven’t had ground beef since March I think, the leaner beef hasn’t been i the store the last 3 times I’ve shopped. I bought two family packs and froze it up in 1 lb bundles.

Nonfood related activities:

I talked to my parents and my mom wants me to make more crafts? Magnets on top of the felt Christmas ornaments she already requested. Oy. I’ll do it but it really isn’t my idea of a fun time! We made felt photo ornaments like 25 years ago when I was a kid and now she wants more. I don’t know if she thinks I want to do this or what but I can’t very well turn a woman with brain cancer down. This is the one year anniversary of the discovery of the tumor and her first surgery. It’s amazing she’s still here and totally with it mentally.

We watched too much TV today. Matt was tired and I didn’t feel great. We watched Kitchen on (Netflix) DVD, then finished The Woods on Netflix then watched the Tiffany Haddish special on Netflix then started rewatching Black Spot because I want to watch season 2 and Matt doesn’t really remember season 1 that well. I think we watched it on Prime like 2 years ago so I guess that’s fair. I like the story and that they have the kind of French accents and slowness of speech that I can understand when they are talking so I don’t have to be glued to the subtitles like I did with The Woods in Polish. The Woods was pretty good but did not make us want to go to Poland at all what with the casual antisemitism.

I am almost done reading Vera Kelly is Not a Mystery and I hope she writes another! The books are fun and I like her writing style a lot. She packs a lot of depth into a short book.