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Day 81: Pizza & Chicken with Broccoli

Our raspberries are growing! These are on the bush that fruit twice (once in spring and once closer to the fall) and they are reliably tasty!

The world is wearing me out today. Our horrible president, the protests, the awful police. It’s so much every minute of the day.

For lunch we had leftover pizza (we had made 3 small pizzas; we still have a couple more slices) and for dinner Matt made chicken and broccoli. It was supposed to be green beans but they got really gross overnight. Our cooking was a little thrown off this week due to Matt’s birthday and his long weekend.

Non-food related activities:

Developing a twitch in my eye when I read Twitter.

Finished Blood & Water on Netflix. I hope there is a new season. With the virus, who knows! The acting was so good!

My homemade Worcestershire sauce spilled in the fridge which was a treat to clean up! At least we noticed it right away.

Read more of the Kate White mysteries. Some are oddly dated but I think they are only say 10 years old? The one I read first was 2019 and that was the best one so far.


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