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Day 82: Pork Chops & Cheese Plates

For lunch I made pork chops on the grill pan with leftover rice (from two meals) with leftover kale from Matt’s birthday mixed in. I tossed an egg into the rice to moisten it a bit and sauteed up the last of the kielbasa we used in Matt’s various dishes on his birthday before adding the rice and kale. It was such a small amount of sausage left (the kale already had some) that I’m not sure what else I’d use it in.

For dinner Matt made us some meat and cheese plates with cheddar, a red brie I bought a long time ago at Aldi, ‘nduja that was made at our Italian market, some Three Little Pigs pate I had added to an Amazon Fresh order a while back in case Matt wanted it for his birthday, fancy crackers and an apple. It was really good and an excuse to break out of individual slate boards (from Aldi, of course) and not have to really make anything for dinner.

Non-food related activities:

Watching the votes come in. Following the protests.

I wrote 15 or so reviews for Netgalley.

We watched Marked Woman (Netflix DVD) which, despite having Bogart and Bette Davis was sort of boring.

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