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Day 83: Pizza & Shrimp

Our fig trees all have a ton of figs on them! That will be a treat later this year! We really did try to plant expensive and hard to find fruit in our yard. The figs are our only really non-native plants but they are so good!

I wasn’t really in the mood for cooking today and I wanted to get rid of leftovers so not much cooking today!

For lunch I had the last two tiny pieces of pizza and Matt had noodles, cottage cheese and OTAMOT sauce.

For dinner I had some frozen breaded shrimp and Matt made me some wild rice pilaf with spinach and garlic mixed in. He had the leftover chicken and broccoli and made fresh rice.

Our produce box arrived after some strange emails back and forth with Washington Green Grocer. It seemed a little worse for wear so I wanted to use up that spinach right away!

Matt marinated chicken to make mochiko chicken tomorrow and we frozen some chicken thighs I bought last week. There is only so much chicken I can stand.

Non-food related activities:

Following the news about the protests.

Trying to get Matt through more of The Good Fight so we can cancel the CBS app until something we watch has new episodes.

One of our drawers is falling apart in the kitchen (old house, old drawers) and I want to clear out our freestanding butcher block cabinet drawers to hold stuff from the old drawers so I looked for under bed storage to slide under the free standing cabinet. Right now the drawers are full of baking stuff we don’t use constantly but I don’t want to put it in the basement where it might be musty and won’t be handy. I found one reasonably priced at Target so I did a Shipt order. I added some toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, floss, toothpaste, vitamins etc) too. It really was a reminder of how much shopping we still do in person. We hadn’t bought that sort of thing since February. The under bed container too. They were insanely expensive else where online and it was as such a basic $15 item.

I didn’t see a line for a tip on Shipt (there used to be one, I think, I had a subscription a while back when I partnered with them) so I left a cash tip in an envelope on the steps. Then after the delivery, I was prompted to give a tip so I didn’t but I oddly felt bad. It’s silly because my cash tip was more than what they suggested and I’m sure he’d prefer cash.

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