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Day 85: Scallops & Hot Dogs

For lunch I mixed together the leftover sticky rice and okra from yesterday with the wild rice-spinach pilaf and added some frozen bay scallops leftover from another lunch. Bay scallops cook up very nicely (and quickly!) from frozen right in the pan.

For dinner we had hot dogs and salad with tomatoes, red onion and cucumbers from my trip to Aldi last month and radishes and lettuce from our produce delivery. I tried some Bitten dressing from an Influenster box I received this week. Their gimmick is that it is made with real fruit. It was tasty! Creamy without being too heavy.

Non-Food Related Activities:

We watched Safe House season one on Sundance Now (they lured us back with a $30 for the year package) and enjoyed it. Season two took a dark turn so we turned it off and tried some of Hollywood on Netflix. We saw the Scotty Bowers documentary so the first episode is very familiar. I always get the impression that Ryan Murphy doesn’t know or like many women.

I organized the kitchen a bit while listening to Gee Thanks, Just Bought It. I have very different pop culture tastes than the host.

We still don’t know the results of the mayoral race and they seem to be processing ballots at a glacial rate.

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