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Day 87: Leftovers and Lamb Chops

For lunch we had leftover mochiko chicken (I heated it up in the oven) and fresh rice. For dinner we had corn on the cob from our produce box with parm and spices, potato salad and lamb chops. Everything was so good!

Non-food related activities:

We defrosted our basement freezer. Not a fun task! It was kind of frosty back in March (we rarely used for anything but cranberries and other seasonal ingredients for recipe developing out of season) but I had brought home a lot of frozen food and had to use it. It was getting even more frosty since we’ve been using it a lot. It’s really small (not chest style) but it can hold a lot more now.

We watched A Slight Case of Murder on DVD and it was funny. I hadn’t seen it before.

Then we watched some Ramy on Hulu. We liked last season a lot; I think it is one of those shows where the main character is the least likeable and interesting though. Which is odd since the writer/creator is the main.

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