daily recap · what we ate

Day 94: Chips & Spam Fried Rice

Today was a little sodium heavy! Eep!

I ended up eating some tortilla chips and salsa for lunch. Matt had noodles and cottage cheese.

For dinner Matt made Spam fried rice with bok choy from last week’s produce box and zucchini I bought on May 27th at Aldi. How’s that for produce holding up?! He made a massive amount so we will have leftovers for another day.

Non-food related activities:

We are planning to go grocery shopping this week (I’m going on Wednesday and Matt’s probably going Thursday) so I’m trying to clear out the fridge and not generate a lot of leftovers after today.

Matt mowed the lawn and that took most of the afternoon.

He also cut his own hair.

I did more work on my blog and started and didn’t like a few books.

I wanted to play a game outside today but it got sort of sticky out by the time the lawn was done .

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