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Day 96: BLTs

I realized we still had some lettuce from last week’s produce delivery so I made BLTs for lunch. That finished up our bacon, lettuce and the last of the bread.

For dinner we had hot dogs. Matt justified it by saying we’ve had bacon-wrapped hot dogs so we can have one day with bacon and hot dogs in the same day. We were really just at the end of food in the fridge. I served it with kale mashed potatoes.

Non-food related thoughts and activities:

I set up a pick up time to get some library books tomorrow then I will go to Aldi for another big shop. How has it been 3 weeks already? I think we’d be fine for a bit more thanks to all we have in the freezer but I keep thinking things will get worse and I might really want those things in the freezer.

I don’t think I’m going to keep requesting physical books, the two that are in are ones I requested back in January. I have a bag of returns. I think I might have some books from other counties requested but that system is shut down so I can’t check and they aren’t sending them out. My local branch isn’t doing book pick up (it has extremely limited parking) so I have to go to a different branch at my appointed time, call them and they bring a bag out to me.

It just seems like a hassle. I prefer books on my kindle anyway; it was mostly older or more obscure books I was getting physical copies for and I can do without for a while. I can always change my mind of something I really want is only available as a physical book.

We finished season 2 of Hidden on Acorn.

I think the host of the Your Own Backyard podcast isn’t very bright. He keeps pushing things (like the found shoe) as related to the case even when it doesn’t seem like the same shoe Kristen Smart was wearing and it could easily have been beat up looking because it was ran over on nearby freeway not because it had been in the woods for years.


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